Polaris XP1000 suspension travel has 16” front & 18” Raise

  • The suspension is the main reason I suggest buying the Polaris XP1000
  • After a long day of off-road driving, I was lovely worn out after 75 miles in my Polaris RZR 800
  • This was one of the greatest contrasts between my Polaris RZR800 and the Polaris XP1000
  • I was not close as worn out after the same sum of driving in my XP1000
  • Hopping within the UTV the next day may be a parcel simpler to do after driving the past day and having the way better suspension bundle


Polaris XP1000 has 3 drivetrain liquids to keep overhauled

  • When it comes to keeping your UTV adjusted on the off chance that there are less liquids to alter you’re more likely to keep the prescribed support schedule.
  • The XP1K liquids are less demanding to benefit than the RZR 800

Polaris XP1000 Air filtration framework is much way better planned to keep dust out of your motor

  • The air channel is the lungs of our UTV’s and within the grimy, dusty conditions we all drive them in it is decent to know your motor will not be sucking in earth all day and destroying the rings within the engine. The first with RZR 800’s had a genuine issue when real-world conditions came around the discuss channel actually got so grimy it sucked the discuss channel into the admissions tube.
  • Many RZR 800’s are driving around burning oil continually since of the terrible discuss filtration framework and have caused ring damage which makes blow by.
  • The XP1000 Discuss channel incorporates a way better section for the air and the channel plan is much way better they still require steady upkeep, but you don’t have to be stress as much

Polaris XP1000 Drivetrain belt substitution is simple and on the exterior of the vehicle

  • Polaris RZR 800 Drivetrain belt substitution requires expelling both seats and after that you’ve got to remove the situate belt mounting bar and after that the hard to urge off belt cover.
  • In the RZR 800 when getting the belt cover off you’ve got to be a few kinds of a conjurer, kind of reminds me when I was a kid and you had those rings that you just attempted to urge separated and it appeared inconceivable but with sufficient attempting you at last get it, but not precisely beyond any doubt how.

Polaris XP1000 Motor can contain more oil at 2.57 Quarts

  • It does not sound like a parcel more oil, but it is 25% more oil within the XP1000 engine
  • If the Polaris RZR 800 is burning through oil, you’ll easily go through 1 quart on your day of riding usually near to having major motor harm.

Polaris XP1000 Engine has 110 Horse Power

A part of individuals says well I do not require all that horsepower. Think back to your cars with moo drive yes, you’ll be able get around but there are times once you know that additional drive got you out of an awful situation More drive opens more places to play together with your UTV

Polaris XP1000 Motor is the Prostar twin and it may be a exceptionally smooth vibration-free

  • Polaris RZR 800 Motor encompasses a vibration built into the engine that gets annoying
  • The RZR 800 motor fair appears to vibrate continually and after 75 miles you get beautiful tired of the vibration through your body.
  • Driving the RZR 800 and after that test driving the XP1000 it’ll blow you absent on how smooth the control conveyance is all through the entire run and whereas lingering you barely feel anything.

Polaris XP1000 it has bigger tires makes a difference with the smoother ride

  • Polaris RZR 800 has little tires less deliver when hitting rocks and bumps
  • The to begin with thing everybody needs to include to their UTV is bigger tires
  • This at slightest steps you up one or two of sizes over the RZR 800

Polaris XP1000 Stock seats are a genuine overhaul compared to the 800

  • Polaris RZR 800 Stock seats are completely terrible
  • The XP1000 Stock seats are not awesome but compared to the RZR 800 seats they are like a Cadillac
  • You will still need to update at a few points but at slightest you have got a situate that will donate you a few sidebar that will help keep you within the situate once you are on those cambered slopes.

Polaris XP1000 Insides and sprint are distant better;a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved a stronger plan and bigger insides

  • Polaris RZR 800 Insides is little and not much data on the dashboard
  • The sprint on the XP1000 encompasses a parcel more data for you and usually a great thing.
  • More legroom helps fit the bigger individuals not everyone is 5’6” tall like me
  •  I am not attempting to tell you the RZR 800 could be a terrible UTV I possessed one for 3 a long time and at the time thought it was the cat’s meow. But if you see at fair these 10 reasons why you ought to consider the XP1000 over the RZR 800
  • The additional cash you pay is effortlessly worth having all these upgrades immediately
  • In December 2016 I sold my Polaris XP1000 2-seat to buy the modern 2017 Polaris Xpt fair for more horsepower
  • I sold my XP1000 in December usually not the finest time to offer a UTV but I required to at that time it had 1100 miles and a few embellishments on it and at long last sold for $13,700.00 The RZR 800’s were offering around $8,000.00 at that time and likely with more mile

So, on the off chance that you see at the updates the $5,700.00 increment is exceptionally cheap within the long run. And your conclusion up with a UTV that your spouse and kids will need to keep riding. I trust this makes a difference with a few of your acquiring choice for a UTV There are numerous more UTV brands and models out there to compare I did these two since that was my claim individual involvement owning them and making my living working on and adjusting numerous of the same models.