If you are the kind of person who likes solo off-road ridings with quick turns  then the all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) should be your number one choice. They are in fact great off-road vehicles for getting around outdoors and for fun. 


We will try to break down everything you would like to understand about ATVs and UTVs so you it would be easy for you to better recognize what you’re getting in your next off-road trip. Let’s start with everything you wish to understand about ATVs then we’ll cover UTVs.


If you have an interest in shopping for an ATV , then you may also take into consideration UTVs as well. They’re different types of vehicles with distinct purposes and benefits. This guide will be a great help to know if an ATV is the right vehicle for you. To learn more about UTVs, (check out our guide here).

What is an ATV ?

 The ATV Safety Institute defines an ATV as “…a mechanized off-interstate vehicle intended to go on four low-pressure or non-pneumatic tires, taking a load off intended to be ridden by the administrator and handlebars for directing control.” ATVs are also called in may cases 4x4s or quads.

They are different from UTVs, which are designed for specefic utilities ATVs offer an effective method to get around outside. They’re mainly extraordinary for off-roads, rough terrain. They’re also great in making brisk turns.

ATVs are commonly outfitted with a ride seating like bikes and handlebar guiding and not a wheel like an ordinary truck. They have the capacity to move through different territories and conditions.


Eventhough there is a variety of ATV types and changes throughout time, at their base, all ATVs share those  three highlights: seating position, handlebar position, and off-road use. ATVs are also generally utilized for down to earth transportation and diversion.

Off-road vehicles, or ATVs, are regularly lumped along with utility landscape vehicles, or UTVs. They will in general be made by similar brands, sold at similar retailers, and can resemble each other in many good ways.

The History of ATV

Specialists differ on the genisis of the main ATV and the particular time it was made on. In fact, bikes existed for almost 100 years before the primary ATVs were even  planned, and ATVs happened as an approach to exploit the cruiser’s flexibility with greater utility.

A few sources highlight Honda as the maker of the primary ATV, on account of the advancement of a three-wheeled ATV antecedent in 1967.

Nonetheless, a model of an ATV called the Jiger was made in Canada by John Gower in 1960 or 1961, contingent upon who you inquire. The Jiger was really an ATV, or land and/or water capable off-road vehicle, which means it could cross water just as ground on its six wheels.


The organization, Versatrek, accomplished large scale manufacturing of the Jiger by 1965, however left business in 1968; as per a few sources, the organization really fizzled in light of the fact that it couldn’t stay aware of interest.

In the mid-1970s, Honda explored different avenues regarding three-wheeled ATV plans, which were to a great extent deserted at the end of 1980s for more steady four-wheeled plans.

The FourTrax line, which Honda presented during this time, is available today. Suzuki joined the quarrel in 1982 and immediately got the most mainstream ATV producers, alongside Yamaha. Polaris, which presented its first model in 1985, turned into the main North American organization to enter the section since the Jiger was ended. By the end of 1990s, other producers such as Bombardier and Arctic Cat started offering models with much more strength and force figures.

Types of ATVs

 ATVs types varies in size from 50 cc youth ATVs up to 700 cc games ATVs and 800 cc utility ATVs.


Sports ATVs

Sports ATVs are lightweight quads that range in size from 250cc up to 700cc. They have a huge load of suspension to deal with bounces, knocks, and turns.

Utility ATVs

Utility ATVs are a lot heavier, have less suspension travel, a major engine, and more embellishments intended for particular work such as Hunting and Agriculture.

Brands of ATVs

Now that we have an idea about the types of ATVs, we can also say that ATV manufacturers make a great effort to create magnificient vehicles mainly for off-road use. Most brands that produce ATVs have been notable for offering bikes and different sorts of force athletic gear. The most popular ATV makers incorporate Honda, Polaris, Can-Am, and Yamaha. Here is our short list of the most popular ATV brands.

  • Polaris : Polaris produces a portion of the top ATVs around the world. Besides the  trail-prepared force and execution, Polaris’ rough terrain vehicles are stacked with the styles and highlights you are looking for. Well known Polaris ATVs incorporate the Sportsman and the Scrambler
  • Can-Am : Can-Am offers the ideal blend of industry-driving execution, accuracy designed dealing with, and rider-centered plan. Famous Can-Am ATVs are the Outlander and the Renegade
  • Yamaha : Yamaha  Assembles a wide scope of strong and dependable off-road and utility vehicles for trail riding, agriculture, working, and hunting. Mainstream ATVs are the Kodiak and the Grizzly.
  • Honda : Honda fabricates ATVs and UTVs that are worked for work and for no particular reason. Famous ATVs incorporate the FourTrax Rancher and the TRX.
  • Kawasaki : Kawasaki fabricates  easy to use ATVs that are stacked with highlights to increment sporting abilities. Famous ATVs are the Brute Force and the KFX.
  • Suzuki : Suzuki presented the business’ initial four-wheeled ATV in 1983. Presently, they’re delivering completely overhauled models that are stacked with highlights and prepared for work and play. Mainstream Suzuki ATVs are the KingQuad and the QuadSport.
  • Textron : Textron is known for making ATVs based on force and execution, and with the procurement of Arctic Cat in 2017, they have an incredible arrangement of vehicles. Well known ATVs are the Alterra and the Mudpro.

Should I Buy an ATV ?

When you are looking for sppedy vehicles that are enjoyable to ride and that are accessible at a reasonable price an ATV might be the correct decision.

An ATV is a decent decision if you bare in mind that you’ll fundamentally be riding without anyone else, or with one traveler. If you like to sit close by one another, an ATV probably won’t be the most ideal decision for you, and you ought to consider a UTV side by side.

Cost is another factor in picking an ATV.

ATVs are commonly more affordable than UTVs, however that shifts, obviously, in view of variables, for example, brands, models, and specificities. UTVs  will in general cost more.

If security is a primary factor for you, an ATV probably won’t be appropriate. Moreover, in the event that you need to change your sporting vehicle with highlights, for example, particular lighting or better suspension, an ATV probably won’t be appropriate for you, since UTVs will in general have better alternatives around there.

Cost of ATVs

 ATVs are  significantly more cost-friendly alternative than UTVs. The expense of new ATVs goes from $2000 or $3000 to more than $15,000. For certain clients, utilized ATVs may be more moderate. Utilized ATVs start as low as $200 or $. But you have to keep in mind when buying a an ATV the  extra costs for safety and protection gears!


ATV brands offer models with a cost that starts at $5,000 However the more you’re willing to spend, the more alternatives you’ll have. There’s a greater scope of models with prices levels at $8,000-$9,000 and up and other brands tend to reach $11,000 or something like that.

All things considered, the more costly models you choose the more force and characteristics you will enjoy as a rider.

Paying more for an ATV basically gets you greater motors and more highlights but if you are not using the ATV for work or other specefic utility you won’t need that.

More costly models may likewise incorporate fancy additions, for example, more agreeable seats, hard core payload racks, and very good quality lighting both in the front and in the back.


However, if you’re fine with a fundamental model and moderate drive, you can get an ATV from a respectable brand for around $5,000 or $6,000. If you are a professional rider you will most likely need to spend a few more thousands to get a model with more force and comfortable.

ATV Pros and Cons


A lot of brands and models to browse from Models are available for the youth as well as grown-ups Compared to other sports vehicles such as UTVs, the costs are in general more Useful for solo clients Useful for entertainment or light obligation utility

Enjoyable to ride.


Less characteristics than UTVs

Less protected than UTVs

Not many alternatives for customization

Can’t ride with a traveler one next to the other

Not ideal for uncompromising work

Key ATV Specs

ATVs as of now are available with single-or two-cylinder motors, with removal estimated in cubic centimeters, or ccs. As you’ll find in the ATV models featured in this guide, most grown-up models are at a rate 500 cc, however commonly under 1000 cc. Not all producers give official pull appraisals to their ATVs.

Transmissions might be manual or programmed; this is unquestionably a point that potential purchasers will need to consider cautiously and consider both current and wanted expertise levels.

No matter what type you like, you’ll have a lot of alternatives from significant brands. Fuel limit is another factor that changes from one model to another, yet for the most part, an ATV’s tank measures between 3-5 gallons.


In case you’re keen on utilizing your new ATV for  work, focus on the payload and towing limits, since these can fluctuate broadly. A few makers, for example, Yamaha, even partition their ATV model arrangement into game and utility sub-classifications. This is done to help potential purchasers limited down the field.

 More costly models will in general offer more advantages, for example, substantial freight racks, execution or claim to fame suspension frameworks, and halogen or LED lighting.

The Top 10 ATVs

Polaris Sportsman 570

The Polaris Sportsman 570 is specefically redesigned for the 2021 model year with a liquid-cooled 567-cc engine rated for 44 horsepower.

Other specs include a 485-pound payload capacity.

Starting Price $6,999
TRANSMISSION TYPE Continously Variable (CVT)
WHEELBASE 11.5 inches

Yamaha Raptor 700R

The Yamaha Raptor 700R comes powered by a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) 686-cc engine, paired with a five-speed transmission and a wet multiplate clutch.

The Raptor 700R’s brakes are dual hydraulic discs in front and single hydraulic discs in the rear.

Starting Price $8,699
Curb Weight 422 lbs
Transmission Type Manual
Gas Tank Capacity 2.9 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 50.4 in
Carburetion Fuel Injected

Yamaha Raptor 700

The Raptor comes with an SOHC 686-cc engine and a five-speed transmission and a wet multiplate clutch

 The Raptor has front dual hydraulic disc brakes with rear hydraulic disc brakes.

Starting Price $8,099
Curb Weight 422 lbs
Transmission Type Manual
Gas Tank Capacity 2.9 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 50,4 in
Carburetion Fuel Injected

Polaris Sportsman 850

The Polaris Sportsman 850 provides 78 horsepower from its SOHC, two-cylinder, 850-cc engine.

It has a one-touch, on-demand all-wheel-drive/two-wheel-drive system.

Its payload is 575 pounds, and its towing capacity is 1,500 pounds.

Starting price $8,899
Curb Weight 771 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 5.3 gal
Engine Type Parallel Twin
Wheelbase 53 in
Carburetion Fuel Injected

Yamaha Kodiak 700

The Yamaha Kodiakis is powered by an SOHC 686-cc engine like that in the previous Raptor 700 and Raptor 700R.

This engine comes paired with an Ultramatic V-belt transmission with all-wheel engine braking and a lever-operated two-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive system.

the Kodiak 700 boasts a maximum towing capacity of 1,322 pounds when properly equipped.

Starting Price $7,299
Curb Weight 664 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 4.8 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 49.2 in
Carburetion Fuel Injected

Can-Am Outlander 570

The Can-Am Outlander 570 is primarily designed for work yet capable also for recreational use.

The Outlander 570 features a 570-cc V-twin liquid-cooled engine rated for 48 horsepower. It’s paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The Outlander 570 also comes standard with engine braking and a selectable two-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive system with a locking front differential.

This ATV comes with a maximum towing capacity at 1,300 pounds.

Starting Price $6,999
Curb Weight 704 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 5.4 gal
Engine Type V Twin
Wheelbase 51 in
Carburetion Fuel Injected

Polaris Outlaw 70

The Polaris Outlaw 70 is a youth ATV.

 It features a 70-cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, electronic fuel injection, two-wheel drive, an automatic transmission, and hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear.

Starting Price $2,299
Curb Weight 278 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 1.5 gal
Engine Type Single Cylinder
Wheelbase 37.75 in
Carburetion Electronic Fuel Injected

Yamaha Kodiak 450

The Kodiak 450 focuses on utility.

It features SOHC 421-cc engine with an Ultramatic V-belt transmission, all-wheel engine braking, and a selectable two-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive system.

This Yamaha has a 1,322-pound towing capacity.

Starting Price $6,199
Curb Weight 637 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 3.7 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 48.8 in
Carburetion Fuel Injected

Yamaha Raptor 90

The Yamaha Raptor 90 is a sport ATV dedicated for young riders aged from 10 years old up.

This  ATV features an air-cooled SOHC engine rated for 90 cc with electric start along with a CVT automatic transmission.

Starting Price $3,099
Curb Weight 279 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 1.7 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 40.6 in
Carburetion Carburetor

Polaris Phoenix 200

The Polaris Phoenix 200 is mainly dedicated to the youth starting from 14 years old up.

It comes with a 196-cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, two-wheel drive,front hydraulic-disc and rear mechanical-drum brakes.

The Phoenix 200 offers a speed limiter that is intended to be regulated by an older companion of the rider such as a parent or a guardian, a helmet, a safety flag, and an instructional DVD.

Starting Price $4,199
Curb Weight 420 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 2.5 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 45 in
Carburetion Carburetor

Best ATVs for Beginners

If you are a new ATV rider then safety ought to be your main concern. That implies picking a quad you can deal with. Search for 600-cc motors or significantly more modest. At that point, consider how you intend to utilize your new ATV and ensure you’re choosing a model appropriate for the landscape you intend to ride on.

Besides,more youthful riders should begin with youth-sized ATVs. Think about models with measured motors and programmed transmissions not manual ones. Among the manufacturers we stated earlier, you will have them offering a great choice of vehicles suitable for younger riders.

At last,  do not forget to invest in a full-face head protector with a face shield or goggles, defensive jeans, long-sleeved riding shirt, boots, and gloves. They are as important as your vehicle in itself.

In light of the above mentioned elements, here are some of the best ATVs for amateurs.

Honda TRX250X

This Honda is a good beginner ATV because it’ll help you learn to really ride for recreational purposes.The TRX250X has an air-cooled single-cylinder 229-cc simple engine that’s provides modest power. It also has a manual transmission.

Starting Price $4,949
Curb Weight 384 lbs
Transmission Type Manual/Auto Clutch
Gas Tank Capacity 2.5 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 44.3 in
Carburetion Carburetor

Can-Am Outlander 450

The Can-Am Outlander 450 is a more suitable for beginners than the Can-Am Outlander 570, with its reliable 427-cc single-cylinder engine.It is mostly capable of moderate utility work without being overpowering or too hard to handle.

Starting Price $6,299
Curb Weight 678 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 5.4 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 51 in
Carburetion Fuel Injected

Polaris Sportsman 450

The Polaris Sportsman 450 has so much in common with higher-end models, such as the automatic transmission that is easy to handle for beginners. Its single-cylinder 499-cc engine is rated for 33 horsepower.

Starting Price $6,399
Curb Weight 701 lbs
Transmission Type CVT
Gas Tank Capacity 4.5 gal
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Wheelbase 50.5 in
Carburetion Fuel Injected

ATVs : Gear you’ll require

You must not disregard safety when considering riding an ATV. Here are  some stuff you’ll have to consider prior to taking off to the path.

  • Defensive apparel: It’s suggested that rough terrain riders wear defensive attire like long sleeves, long jeans, and over-the-lower leg boots while riding. Motocross gloves are additionally an absolute necessity.
  • Protective caps: It’s imperative to have an excellent ATV protective cap to guard your head from wounds. Head protectors ought to  be endorsed by the Branch of Transportation (Speck), and affirmed by SNELL from once in a while.
  • Goggles: Motocross goggles are vital to ensure your eyes from wind, rocks, soil, residue, and branches that could harm your eyes.
  • Tool compartment: you need this in case anything happens while you are alone on the road. Tool compartments ought to have a couple of essential things like a Swiss Armed force blade, torques, pipe tape, a path map, a tire pressure check, and a multifunctional screwdriver.
  • Medical aid unit:  A little emergency treatment pack packed with you on every trip would be of great beneficient. Your medical aid pack ought to incorporate things like bandages, anti-microbial treatment, dressing, and anything that helps you to deal with any scratches or wounds until you can get to a specialist.
  • Winch: It’s consistently a smart thought to add a winch to your ATV. Winches help to apply a power that pulls one item toward another utilizing a link or rope. Winches are best used to get yourself out of tight spots.

 In case you’re  more of  a solitary rider who likes to race once in a while, an ATV would be ideal for you. Now since you have a deep understanding of ATVs try to get a the terrain vehicle that best suits your needs and way of life as well as provides you with the best experience ever!