Only a few years ago, a 32-inch UTV tire might be found on elevated vehicles deep in the marshes of Louisiana or East Texas.

While giant mud machines still rule the swamps, big-bore UTVs have gained in popularity, as have their tires. In just a few short years, the 32-inch tire has become the desert’s undisputed king—and for good reason. The new big-bore machines have more pulling power and better ground clearance than ever before. Another benefit that goes unmentioned is the increased comfort that comes with increased rollout as the larger tire covers tougher terrain.

Ready 32-inch tire alternatives. Here are 12 desert-driven 32-inch tire options for your big-bore UTV.

Pricing Terrain Construction Details
$239 Multi-terrain, on- and off-road DOT-rated, non-directional steel-belted radial construction, 8-ply, steel-belted radial construction, steel-belted radial construction, steel-belted radial construction, steel- The Evil SBR is a steel-belted, radial UTV tire with a truck-tire-like tread pattern that provides a smooth ride. Strong shoulder and sidewall tread adds protection and traction in sand, dirt, and rocks, while a particular long-lasting formula provides outstanding tread life. AMS Evil SBR
$198 Sand, dirt, and rocks Non-directional, radial construction, 8-ply, DOT rated On practically every terrain, the all-new M1 Evil series of UTV/ATV tires is advertised to deliver superior handling and ride characteristics. For a smooth ride, the M1 Evil was designed with a truck-tire-like tread in a non-directional radial tire and a specific long-lasting composition. In sand, dirt, and rocks, the thick shoulder and sidewall tread adds protection and traction. AMS M1 Evil
$210 Sand to asphalt, hardpack to mud Non-directional, radial construction, 8-ply, DOT rated The Berserker is supposed to be the roughest and best-looking UTV radial on the market, featuring siping for extra hardpack traction and self-cleaning staggered tread lugs for “crazy traction” in the muck. Braven Berserker Cross-X
$239 Desert hardpack-type terrains to rocks or pavement Radial construction, 8-ply, DOT-rated Exceeds DOT test requirements, allowing you to cruise down the road or race across harsh desert terrain. For great straight-line stability, predictable sliding, and riding comfort, this tire has a quick rolling center tread that is optimally coupled with stepped, aggressive shoulder knobs. CST Lobo
$239 Hardpack Radial construction, 8-ply, non-directional For unrivaled hardpack performance, EFX gave the MotoHammer the largest and best contact patch available. It also designed a shoulder tooth lug to grab grip when needed, as well as a high speed rating for confidence on those fast desert straightaways. EFX MotoHammer
$165 desert, hardpack, slip face DOT-rated 10-ply steel-belted radial structure This lightweight tire, which weighs under 41 pounds, has aggressive side lugs for enhanced puncture protection without compromising weight, and steel belts for added durability and handling. Fuel Off-Road Gripper R/T UTV
$264 Side A is set up for soft to moderate terrain, while side B is set up for moderate to difficult terrain. 10-ply, DOT-rated, non-directional steel-belted radial construction The first UTV tire with an asymmetrical non-directional tread pattern. Because to the Terra Master’s unique tread design, you get the advantages of two tires in one. You can match your tire setup to your vehicle setup and driving style by choosing between two distinct sides. GBC Kanati Terra Master
$226 hardpack, gravel, and sandy terrain. DOT-rated, 8-ply radial construction The ultimate desert tire for high-horsepower UTVs, with unrivaled traction and side bite, predictable lateral stability, and precise steering reaction. It has shoulder lugs that are staggered in breadth and an optimum footprint for even pressure distribution. ITP Coyote
$259 extreme terrains  Radial construction, 8-ply A light-truck-inspired tire designed for the harsh terrains of the West Coast. A unique rubber compound provides great traction on rocks, roots, and arid terrains, as expected from a Maxxis tire. Maxxis Carnivore
$310 this tire grabs traction everywhere. Kevlar-belted sidewall protection, radial construction With an ultra-sticky, soft-compound rubber, it’s a rock racer’s dream. Works well in a variety of settings, but will soon wear out on pavement or extreme hardpack. Deep sidewalls that self-clean for enhanced traction and clean out. The “DD” stands for dual-density rubber, which provides the best of both worlds when it comes to getting the best bite in straight lines or corners. Moto Race Tire X-Rox-DD
$232 Multi-terrain DOT-rated, dual steel-belted radial construction, 8-ply With its dual steel-belted structure, it claims high-performance traction, greater puncture resistance, and longer tread life. Designed to increase acceleration, turning, and braking performance on a variety of surfaces and terrains. Its tread pattern is inspired by off-road truck tires and provides a large contact patch for a smooth and quiet ride. STI Enduro XT/S
$219.95 General-purpose tire European tire, radial structure, non-directional This tire performs well in a variety of applications thanks to the collaboration of European engineers and American racers. The design of the lugs in the tread, as well as the direction in which the tread can flex, provide excellent side traction and forward bite to the driver. Terache is a new brand entering the US market, although it has already won a number of desert and beach competitions throughout the world. The Terache tire brand is eager to build a name for itself in America’s extremely competitive UTV/SxS sector. GMZ Race Products is the distributor. Terache Stryker
$256 All-terrain tire that performs well in soft, loose, or rocky terrain. Non-DOT, non-directional radial construction The BFG Baja T/A KR2 UTV is BFG’s first UTV-specific radial tire, designed and manufactured in the United States with race-proven CoreGard technology. It’s tailored to the needs of UTV side-by-sides, with higher performance and increased mobility in soft soils, improved traction in mud, and improved braking in loose and rocky terrain. The first KR2 UTV tire was a 30 x 9.5R-15, which was quickly followed by a 32 x 9.5R-15 for better ground clearance and tire rollout in desert conditions. BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2 UTV