If your ATV blows a tire within the first fifteen minutes of being off the pavement, it’s not worth its  parts. If it gets caught in the mud, it’s nothing but a source of aggravation.

Your ATV experience will be made or broken by your tires, and if you’re going to get in the mud, you’ll need the best ATV mud tires.
When it’s time to choose the ideal mud tire for you, consider the following:

how aggressive do you want your tire to be?

While aggressive tires are wonderful for digging through slop, they might make for a bumpier trail ride. Plus, if you have a lower displacement engine, you don’t want a tire that is overly aggressive. The best part is that you can acquire some great tires without spending a fortune.

Here are five tires that will help you hurl some mud that we like. They’re also good at digging through snow, making them an excellent choice all year. Get your hands on a pair and prepare to attack the trails.
SUVs are growing increasingly popular, but not for their off-road ability. Rather, many purchase SUVs for the increased utility they provide. ATVs are preferred by true off-road enthusiasts today over huge SUVs.
These little vehicles bear no resemblance to automobiles; rather, they are more akin to motorcycles. However, the most significant aspect of them is that they are a lot of fun to drive on the path. On diverse surfaces, such as dirt, gravel, rocks, sand, and mud, a good ATV will provide hours of pleasure for the rider.
Having said that, even the best ATV in the world won’t perform as well as it should if it doesn’t have a nice set of tires. Tires are crucial in any vehicle, but ATV tires are extremely important. The best trail and mud ATV tires should be able to attack and overcome a variety of off-road surfaces, or at the very least the surface for which they were created.
Furthermore, these tires should be resilient, especially since they will be used on rough terrain. For your next “Baja” excursion, tires with strong casings can readily tolerate sharp objects and can be driven at lower pressures.
This is where we can help. We’ve whittled down the reviews so you don’t have to. Here is a list of the top ten best ATV mud tires available

BEST atv tires

Top 10 ATV Mud Tires :

1/ Sun.F A048 ATV Mud Tires

The Sun.F tires are larger, measuring 26.9-12in in the front and 26.11-12in in the back. They have the same V-angled knobs with deep lugs for great traction as the V-angled knobs, as well as the durable 6-ply graded rubber that resists punctures and scratches. The larger size has a little additional side bite for added traction.
The angled tread provides excellent grip.
6-ply hard rubber
Puncture, scratch, and abrasion resistance
Installation is simple.
These are also available sans rims.

Sun.F A048 ATV Mud Tires

2/ ITP Monster Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire

The ITP Monster Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire is tied for the largest among the best ATV mud tires.
It is unusually tall, measuring 3010-14in, and is appropriate for 4×4 and UTV vehicles as well as ATVs. You will not be dissatisfied.
With 1.75in lug depths, these tires are as badass as their name suggests. These tires, like the Terache Aztex tires, are not intended for use on paved surfaces. The tread’s tomahawk-like knobs cut in deep and make even the muddiest, grittiest routes feel like a trip down the interstate.
1.75in deep lugs are a plus.
Designed to fit larger vehicles
Exceptional traction over rocky terrain
This product is not intended for use on paved roads or hard-packed dirt walks.

3/ Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Utility ATV Tire

The Maxxis Mud Bug is one of the lightest ATV mud tires available, making it one of the best ATV mud tires for quick mounting on the market. Its dimensions are 27X10-12in, which puts it right in the middle of the SunF tires and the largest 4×4 mud tires on the market. The Mud Bug, like the Terache Aztex tires, is ideal for getting out in the rain or snow, making it a good choice for ATVs in colder locations.
Maxxis has a solid reputation among serious ATV riders, as well as a verified track record. Those who don’t like it are usually those who are looking for better deals. You can’t go wrong with this tire because it has a 6-ply, alternating tread pattern.
6-ply rating and a mid-size size
Lightweight and simple to install
Excellent mud and snow traction
This tire comes with a name brand price tag.

4/ TERACHE Aztex ATV UTV Trail & Mud Tires

Terache Aztex ATV tires are available in two sizes: 309-14in and 309-14in. They, like the smaller variants, have an 8-ply rating, and their tread is around 1.75in deep. These tires aren’t inexpensive, but they’re difficult to beat.
What distinguishes the Terache Aztex tires from the competition?

They have a one-of-a-kind tread pattern. It’s not the usual V-shapes or cutting edges that alternate. Instead, the Terache Aztex stands out as one of the best ATV mud tires thanks to its oar-like thread design. These “oars” raise your vehicle, allowing it to navigate difficult terrain, mud, and snow. It draws you through rather than cutting you off. With these 30-inch tires, traction will not be an issue.
8-ply rubber rating is a plus.
1.75in deep treads
In muck and snow, the robust oar-shaped tread is useful.
Quality comes at a cost.

5/ Maxxis M966 Mudzilla Tire – TM16677300

Maxxis is known for making some of the best ATV mud tires available. This tire (279-12in) with a 12in rim size is a lighter option for tracking through the woods. It has a 6-ply rating and is suitable for both ATS and UTVs. They can be used as both front and rear tires. The tread on this tire is what sets it apart.

This tire has alternating arms of tread that grip the ground whether you’re driving in mud, sand, rock, or snow. It propels you forward with tremendous traction, just like the Terache Aztex tires. With a 6-ply rubber rating, you don’t want to put this tire on asphalt since it will lose its edge.
Excellent traction in mud or snow.
Compared to many competitors, this product is less in weight.
The price of a name brand item is higher

6/ Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires Tubeless A033

SunF provides the right tires for you if you’re seeking for a low-cost replacement. The front tires are 259 – 12 inches, while the rear wheels are 2510 – 12 inches. They have an angled tread that juts out to dig into the earth, making them suitable for wet and dry conditions, as well as dirt and rocky terrains.
Hard rubber tires with a 6-ply rating. You can wear them on the job site and expect them to withstand punctures and scratches from dirt and building materials. Their slanted design and lug depth dig into the ground, providing outstanding grip and skid control.
The angled tread provides excellent grip.
6-ply hard rubber
Puncture, scratch, and abrasion resistance
Installation is simple.
The rims are not included.
At high speeds, it can be unstable.
Customer service and delivery delays can be lengthy.

7/ TERACHE Aztex Premium Tubeless Tires

The Terache Aztex Premium tires are a size or two larger than the standard Terache Aztex tires. The front and rear tires are both 309-14in and have an 8-ply rating. These tires are designed to withstand harsh circumstances. On flat terrain, their amazing tread is useless. They were designed to tear through mud.
Mud can be dangerous, particularly in flood-like circumstances or when driving through a creek (which is not just mud, but also water). However, it is in snowy circumstances that the Terache Aztex Premium tires really shine. Snow and ice are typically smaller and more slippery than mud, which may contain gravel or patches of drier earth as traction points. These tires generate their own traction, and the tread that runs down the sidewall adds to that.
8-ply rubber is thick and durable, preventing punctures and scratches.
Tread extends all the way along the sidewall.
Designed to withstand dirt and snow.
There is only one size available.

TERACHE Aztex Premium Tubeless Tires

8/ EFX Tires MotoClaw ATV/UTV Radial Tire

The EFX Tires MotoClaw is a huge radial tire with enough tread movement to get you through messes but not enough consistency to compete with the Monster tires. The MotoClaw is one of the best ATV Mud tires, measuring 30/10-14in in diameter with a one-inch lug depth. This implies it can climb over obstacles rather than breaking them apart.
It still has an 8-ply grade, which implies it can withstand being sliced into or roughed up excessively. Although these are DOT street legal, you must be careful not to wear them out too quickly. Mud, gravel, and rough conditions are no match for these tires.
Off-road traction is excellent.
For mud tires with an 8-ply rating, they handle nicely on the road.
The cost of special engineering is more than that of conventional mud tires.

9/ SuperATV Terminator Mud Tire

Anything that gets in the way of the Terminator is ripped apart. This tire provides the best grip of the top ATV Mud Tires, with a full 2-inch tread depth. It measures 29.510-14in and fits the RZR, X3, General, Maverick, Ranger, Rock & All Terrain UTVs. Unlike many other ATV mud tires, the SuperATV Terminator includes a built-in rim protector to protect your wheel rim.
You’ll pay a premium for this tire’s performance, and you won’t be disappointed even in the most difficult terrain. It can easily compete with the Monster tire. However, the rubber on this tire is only 6-ply, putting it at the bottom of the list of best ATV mud tires currently available.
The best ATV mud tires have the most grip and tread.
Fits a wide range of ATVs and UTVs
Rim protection
There is just a 6-ply rating.
Not recommended for use on asphalt or hard surfaces.

10/ Quadboss QBT673

Are you looking for a different brand? The QBT673 from Quadboss is the best ATV mud tire the company has to offer. These tires are 3010-14in in diameter, 6-ply rated, and have a 1.75in deep tread to get you through some rugged terrain. It’s new to the market, but it’s quickly climbing the ranks of the best ATV mud tires.

Because of the deep tread and softer ply rating, this is another tire that should be kept off the road to avoid early tread loss. It’s not nearly as complicated or snow-resistant as the Terache Aztex tires, but it’s also not as pricey. This is a great trail-riding and mudding tire for your ATV that is huge in size.

Fits 14-inch rims; 1.75-inch tread depth
For a huge deep-tread tire, it’s more cost-effective.
Fewer reviews because it is newer to the market.

Quadboss QBT673

Type of ATV Tires That Work on the Trail and Mud in 2022

The terms “trail” and “mud” are not interchangeable. A trail could be defined as a hard-packed surface, such as gravel or dirt, or a surface that is lightly muddied. Muck, on the other hand, is just that: mud.
As a result, it’s critical to calculate how often you’ll ride on each surface when selecting new tires for your ATV.
If you want to use your ATV largely on the trail, hard-packed terrain tires are the way to go. These tires perform admirably on rapid dirt stretches as well as rugged terrain. However, mud traction will be worse.
Intermediate tires are made to perform well on rocky terrain. Tires with robust lugs are usually exceedingly tough and durable. For riding in light mud, they should have plenty of traction.
Sand tires are solely intended for use in sand. They’re not really useful on other surfaces, but they’ll give you the best results on sand. These tires are the way to go if you’re a Baja fan.
Mud tires are designed to handle extremely deep mud. The lugs on these tires are extremely deep and massive, churning through any surface. Mud tires are also excellent for winter driving. On hard-packed surfaces, however, they may lack response and steadiness.
Finally, all-terrain tires are made to provide you with a combination of the attributes listed above. They aren’t the best in any area, but they do work in all situations. All-terrain tires are recommended for users who ride their ATVs on a variety of surfaces.


If you spend a lot of time on your ATV, you should invest in the best ATV mud tires available. Depending on your size and the type of weather you might experience, you have a few options. Keep an eye on the tread depths; the deeper they are, the less time you want to spend on paved surfaces, especially if the tread is rated as a 6-ply rubber rather than an 8-ply rubber in the reviews. Finally, if you choose a less expensive tire, anticipate it to perform poorly at greater speeds.
We are convinced that the tires on this list will provide you with years of reliable service and a safe ride. To get the most out of your tires, though, you should always choose them based on your riding needs and style. To put it another way, getting mud tires is pointless if you only drive on hard-packed
Also, be sure the tires you choose were fitted by a professional and that the wheels are strong enough to withstand the enormous forces generated when driving on difficult surfaces