When it comes to making the major purchase of a UTV for yourself or your family, you want to make sure you’re receiving the greatest bargain possible!

I’ve been enjoying offroading since I was a kid, and now that I’m married with three kids, I’ve been eyeing four-seat Side by Sides, but we weren’t sure when was the best time to buy one.

What Is The Best Time To Buy an ATV or UTV?

The optimal time to purchase an ATV is just before or during the launch of the following year’s models. This means that the optimal time to purchase an ATV is in May or June.

The optimal time to purchase a Side by Side (UTV) is shortly before or during the introduction of new models.

When the next year’s models are released, the manufacturer also gives the finest rebates and warranty deals of the year. These fantastic deals exist so that the dealership may sell out of previous year models and order more of the following year’s models.

Best Season to Buy

If you miss the months of May and June, right before the new merchandise arrives, don’t panic. Many consumers swap in and sell their old models whenever new stock arrives. At this time of year, there are a lot of discounts to be had on the secondhand market.

Surprisingly, fantastic deals can be found in the middle of the season. Most consumers, dealers, and manufacturers have figured out what the most popular models are at this point. You’ll notice that the less well-known ones get discounts, rebates, and warranty packages.

When do UTV dealerships make the best deals?

As previously said, the months of October, November, and December are great for purchasing a new UTV. The dealership’s salespeople have monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals that are compensated with year-end kickbacks. When you combine that with the new models that will be arriving at the end of the year, you can get some amazing deals on used inventory.

Now, we’re not saying that arriving at the eleventh hour is the ideal option. If you go to a UTV dealership on the last day of the month, you can miss out on a great offer. Keep in mind that financing approval can take some time, and the dealership may have already started their new month. As a result, we recommend giving yourself at least a few days before the month’s conclusion.

Finding Dealerships With Old Stock

It can be difficult to drive around to different dealerships to check out the old stock. You don’t want to travel a long distance only to discover they don’t have any.

Begin by driving past your neighborhood’s dealerships. Make time to stop and talk to the dealer about the UTVs on offer if you see a few remaining models. Always leave and return later rather than making a buy immediately away.

Also, look up dealerships on the internet. Make a radius of how far you’re willing to go and go to the websites of all the dealerships in that area. Check to discover who has the greatest prices and stock, and then limit it down to three or four companies with whom you wish to work.

  • Tips To Find A Dealership With Old Inventory:

Online : is where most people start their research these days, and buying a major item like a quad should be no different. Make a list of every dealer within a 100-mile radius of your location. You’ll discover that ATV dealerships aren’t as common as car dealerships, so you may have to drive a little to find one. After you’ve selected your choices, check to see who is giving the greatest deal on your specific model. Get the top three dealerships’ contact information and go see them in person to make a deal.

The drive-by : if you frequently pass an ATV/UTV dealership, keep an eye out to see if they’ve kept a certain model on their showroom floor for a while. Take the time to stroll in and inquire about their stock, being direct and assertive. If you’re open to negotiating on the type of quad you want, ask your salesperson which models they’re most willing to work with. I’ve discovered that the majority of salespeople are good, honest people who will go out of their way to get you into the appropriate quad at a reasonable price.

Phone Call : When I’ve bought a new quad in the past, I’ve called around to a few dealers to see how flexible they are on pricing. They’d say things like “if you’re serious about buying an ATV/UTV, come in the store and we’ll make a deal,” but I’d stand firm and explain that I had limited time, that I didn’t want to drive hours just to get an over-inflated price when I got there, and that I was ready to pull the trigger for the right deal. I’d use it as ammo as well if the dealership was a few hours away. Many dealers are eager to “work a deal” over the phone, which may surprise you.

UTV Shows

Shows on UTV and ATV may be a true free for all. They’re usually held in major convention centers and feature a huge number of merchants and manufacturers. Lots of gear, aftermarket products, and, of course, UTVs will be on display.

With so much competition, it’s simple to find a good deal. Because all of the dealers are in one location, you won’t have to travel vast distances to compare rates and negotiate.

Look for those who stick around

The best value on a UTV will be found among those that have been sitting around for a long. Perhaps you’ve seen one parked for a year or two in the dealership. It could have been forgotten because it wasn’t one of the more popular models.

From a dealer’s perspective, the issue with them is that it costs them money. The dealer might remove anything that is taking up space and replace it with something that will sell and make them money. They’ll go to any length to get rid of it.


When looking for a UTV, a warranty or rebate offer may be included as a deal sweetener. It’s possible that you’ll be offered both. They can often be worth as much as money off, but each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Many individuals question whether or not a warranty is worthwhile. This is dependent on how you want to use the ATV and whether it is new or used. If you’re buying with a credit card, you might want to consider adding a warranty to your purchase.

To begin with, leisurely riding across hills does not necessitate the purchase of a warranty, but if you plan to abuse your UTV and can’t afford to buy it twice, get one. Also, if you’re in the market for farm UTVs, a warranty might save your company a lot of money in the long run.