Best UTVs [Top Brand & Model Reviews]

The year 2020 has been a special one, unlike any other year. Businesses, industries, and people were heavily affected by the unexpected events we’ve been through that year.

Those who were one day too busy found themselves with a surplus of free time. At this point, we can say that Powersports reached their pic of their “golden age” as many people found refuge in these machines; motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs , and all the others.

So, if you are still skeptical about buying one soon, or you are just seeking the best machine to invest in, here is your ultimate guide with the best of UTV’s brands for 2021.

In this guide to the best UTVs, we will drive into the best side by side utv (SxS) to provide you with all what you need to get you on the road.

What is a Side by Side UTV

If you search the term UTV in Google, you will end up with two basic phrases that only provide hints about the original utility of these magnificent machines which are “Utility Terrain Vehicle and Utility Task Vehicle”. In fact, The genesis of these vehicles trace back to the industrial and agricultural fields but they have become part of a much larger domain which you will discover in our encompassing guide.

What makes UTVS, also known as side-by-side vehicles, the most popular ones is their high performance and their capacity to carry more people than an ATV. With this being said you can notice now that there is a difference between UTV and ATV and by understanding this difference you will have a clear vision in making your decision.

Basically and to make it easier, ATVs take one person or two at most while  the UTV side by side can accommodate up to six people and it is also more heavy-duty.

Why do I need to buy a UTV side by side ?

Well, you might be wondering now “why SxS and not any other truck?” or “is it worth all the money?”

I am here to tell you that in a nutshell, you are buying that one vehicle that is made to do that one thing you are seeking quite well.

small UTV comparison here will be integral for your understanding.

On one hand, the UTV  carries more people and is more powerful than an ATV, yet can still be lighter and more comfortable. On the other hand, it is more durable than any other traditional truck.

Being shorter in length and height as well makes them easier to maneuver than a full-size machine.

Also, you don’t have to bother about a glass being broken, paint being scratched or any other issue related to other typical trucks.

Not to mention also that these UTVs provide greater stability for passengers who are sitting “in” the truck instead of being seated “on” it.

What are the Types of UTVs 

Basically, there are three main types of SxS’s which are Utility, Performance and Recreation models.

Utility Models

Utility models are the genesis of these machines, they are the place where everything began and developed from. Some of its distinctive highlights are 3-man wide seat seating in both the front and the back as well, bigger load boxes, and different capacity areas.These machines actually still have tractor qualities and frontal connections for fork or bucket loader .

Recreation Models

It is logical to follow the utility models with recreation ones because  they import a few qualities from utility models, however they are superior and better in terms of  harmony between  working and playing. On these, the seating  is stronger and more supportive at higher paces or more extreme points. Back seating in these models can be fixed or converted . The Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS) will cover all seating regions.

For most purchasers of sporting models, they are perfect, not as cruel as utility models and not as wacky as performance models.

Performance Models

Let’s tackle now the freshest and most developed portion of the SxSs market which are the performance models. These are the most purposed-centered of all UTVs side by side.Mud centered models are a perfect representation. Most of them simply go for the greatest potential specs so they can eat up the harshest conceivable landscape.

Recreation Models are effectively the most evident to recognize from the others, they have gigantic suspension and bigger tires, making them more extensive .

Obviously, what go with those are bigger motors. Force numbers for these models are normally more than 100 HP. The only things that might have more suspension travel than performance SxS’s  are Baja racers.

Now since we’ve covered  the sorts and employments of side-by-side UTVs, we can shed the light on our principle inquiry here:

what are the best SxS’s of 2022?

We’re highlighting four significant SxS brands according to :

  • Value
  • Utility
  • Recreation
  • Overall Performance

Best Side By Side UTVs Brands of 2022 : Money, Utility, Recreation and Performance

Best UTV vehicle for the Value – CAN-AM Commander

The CAN-AM Commander is one of the initial SxS’s on the market. To begin with, CAN-AM’s had to do everything well sufficient to  keep its place. With a base cost staying consistent at $11,199, we can say that it’s a full-size machine at a mid-size cost.

There are defenitely other machines  at lower costs, such as Kawasaki’s Mule SX, 4000, or 4010, but none of those provide what the CAN-AM Commander does.

the basic standards of the Commander are Storage/cargo capacity, suspension with up to 10” of travel, 71 hp from an 800cc V-twin, and premium components like braided stainless steel brake.

The other closest competitors to the Commander are estimated $2,000 or more and still aren’t very well prepared.

Best Utility UTV : CAN-AM Defender

No matter what you’re desiring, from chasing to agribusiness to overwhelming industry, there’s always the Defender that can get it done.

With the presentation of the Pro and 6×6, CAN-AM shows up with the best spot, up to 3,000 lbs and payload capacity of 1,700 lbs, and a cargo box capacity of 1,000 lbs. Add to that a 1000cc, 82 hp v-twin motor driving six wheels.

The Shields as well stand out for their interior’s convenience, with sufficient capacity and seats that permit more capacity. CAN-AM Defender has been considering all of its competitors while creating this section, which is clear in the above mentioned characters. For those who are seeking the best mean to reach the end, this is your top list choice.

Best Family and Recreation UTVs : Yamaha RMAX, and Honda Pioneer -4 or -5

we can simply state that Honda is leading the recreational SxS with its fold-away raise seats and a list of other highlights that make it well suited to less serious employments. On the other hand, the Yamaha Wolverine X4 was as well placed the best recreation/family SxS in 2019.

This year, Yamaha have upgraded themselves with the modern Wolverine RMAX 4.

This entirely new machine demonstrates the lessons learned from examining the competitors most recent machines. All touchpoints are finished or rubberized for superior grasp and feel; it in fact has knee cushions! All trims of the RMAX have numerous spaces to include adornment switches. Views are clear from all points, as well; as the  slight incline outward gives you a clear view  of the tire for exact line determination on specefic territories.

Best Overall Side-by-Side UTVs : CAN-AM Maverick X3 and Turbo RR

Equipped with the Dynam suspension system, the RZR Pro XP is an incredible machine. With its beefed-up drivetrain, it is made to handle larger wheels and tires.

UTV vehicles comparison between this machines and other specs from different competitors stresses two main aspects that favor this side-by-side vehicle, power and width. In fact, the RZR Pro XP puts its 184 horsepower down through a 64″ inch.

The CAN-AM Marverick X3 is introduced with the latest engine that produces 195 horsepower downthrough a 72″ wide suspension system. Yes, you read that right my friend, those are a whole 6 feet wide in other terms.

The next biggest step in this magnificient innovation is the new Smart-Lok system because it has completely changed the locking of the front defferential when the machine is in motion.

This system is opposed to the manual one that is either 100% on or 100% off and opposed to the auto-locking system, as well, that are left to do whatever they want with little interference from the rider.

With this smart-lok, you can simply use toggle switches to inform the utv vehicle about the terrain you are in. The system then reads the inputs and applies the suitable locking level to enhance your driving experience. Indeed, this system is highly praised by racers from Baja to Dakar.

With these features combined, the CAN-AM is easily classed on the top list of Performance side-by-side vehicles of 2021 .


As it has been clarified, we have stated the “crème de la crème”  of the best UTV vehicles and we have proved that there is something for anyone out there. No matter what your purpose is, side-by side UTVs will never fail to meet your need, you have more choices than ever before.

Now, you just need to know your exact intent and join the club of side-by-side owners.

In a nutshell, these days, the choices are more than ever as  the industry is keeping on outperforming itself. Eventhough, the average price has risen to $17,946, the SxS continue to be one of the highest performing vehicles that have ever existed.

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