Best Youth/Kids Side by Sides

Side-by-side UTVs are a fantastic way for youngsters to enjoy the outdoors. There are so many different UTVs for kids and teenagers on the market. They all have different qualities making it difficult to decide on the best UTV for your kid.

To save you the time and effort of pointless searching, we have compiled a list of seven of the best side by side UTVs for teenagers and children to assist you make the decision when purchasing your next side-by-side.

7 Best Kids Side by Side UTVs

From cheapest to most expensive

Side By SideUnique FeaturePrice
Blade 150Budget-Friendly$2,899.
SSR 170 UTVGood to Drive at Night$4,199.
Massimi Gunner 250sCargo Bed$4,749.
Hisun Sector 250Cargo Bed$4,799
Polaris RZR 170Training DVD Guide$5,299.
Polaris Ranger 150Youth Ride Command$5,499.
Honda Pioneer 520Safety Features$9,499.

1.  Blade 150 

This UTV has a lower “brand name” than the other UTVs. However, it remains one of the greatest possibilities for youth side-by-side from all angles. It is powered by a 150cc engine that is noted for its dependability. It is a wise investment because you’ll never be trapped with this car, even if the route is clogged with obstructions.

High beams, brake lights, and even turn signal lamps are all included on this youth side-by-side. It’s ideal for people who only need to bring a few essentials on their vacation. You may carry everything you’ll need for the journey in the back, which has lots of storage capacity.


  • Ground clearance of 6 inches and a 150cc engine
  • It includes all the lights and whistles for safety reasons.
  • Brake light and right and left singling lights are seen.
  • For the driver and passenger, a three-point seat belt system is used.

2.  SSR 170 UTV 

In this kids UTV, the engine is the first thing that draws your attention. With a fuel tank capacity of 2.9 gallons, youngsters won’t be able to go very far. The final drive of this kid’s UTV is driven by a chain, and it includes an electric start system. In the front and back, there is a break. Both sides have dual hydraulic disc brakes, while the rear brakes are hydraulic drums.

This youth side-by-side will last longer, so you won’t have to worry about gaining too much weight in the future. Parents can supervise their children from the passenger seat, which can fit an adult.


  • Single 170cc air-cooled OHC four-stroke engine
  • The ground clearance is 7′′ and the wheelbase is 2′′. The cargo capacity is 330 Ibs, which includes the driver and passenger.
  • Seats with SSR monogrammed.
  • On the top of the roll cage are three LED lights as well as standard headlights.

3.  Massimi Gunner 250s 

The Massimo Gunner 250s is a stylish and powerful juvenile side-by-side that will ensure that your child’s ride is both safe and enjoyable. This vehicle has 16 horsepower and can easily climb any mountain.

With all of the digital readouts and indicators on this model, you can simply check yourself while driving. You get a speedometer and an odometer, so you don’t have to estimate how fast you’re traveling when it’s time to fill up.


  • Ample space for a cargo bed to be moved around.
  • AT 22 x 7 – 10 in the front. AT 22 x 10 – 10 are the rear tires.
  • With vented hydraulic disk brakes on both the front and rear axles.
  • 12 years old and up is the recommended age range.

4.  Hisun Sector 250

The Hisun Sector 250 is a fun and practical UTV for kids to ride. For young drivers, this model offers some impressive features. This UTV comes with a proper dumping cargo bed, 2,500-pound winch, roof, windshield, and a two-person bench seat. There are also rear-view mirrors and turn indicators on this side-by-side.


  • OHC single-cylinder 4-stroke engine
  • Fuel capacity of 3.5 gallons
  • Red, white, Bahama Blue, and Sunrise Orange are some of the colors available.
  • The two-piece windshield has a 68.5-inch wheelbase.
  • Analog speedo and tachometer with LCD rider information
  • Recommended 12 years old and up

5.  Polaris RZR 170

The Polaris RZR 170 is ideal for families that want to keep their youngsters entertained during those long summer days. This young side-by-side will provide them with all they require, including additional safety features. The tilt steering wheel is also a good feature. When you want more control over your driving experience, this is a terrific tool to have. It can be adjusted to fit any size driver, making it ideal for everyone.


  • This youth UTV comes with two helmets and a training DVD guide.
  • Seat belts, a safety net, and a cage are all included for your protection.
  • The ground clearance is 6 inches.
  • Suspension travel of 5 inches (front and rear)
  • Parental control over speed
  • Engine displacement: 169cc
  • Daylighting with LEDs
  • 10 years old is the recommended age.

6.   Polaris Ranger 150

This is another Polaris Ranger 150 which  is one of the safest off-road vehicles available. It offers a variety of safety features that will keep both parents and children pleased while riding. Parental control, digital speed restriction setting, geofencing, and passcode-protected safe start topping are all included in this model.

The digital speed limit setting allows you to ensure that your children are driving safely, regardless of their age or experience level, and regardless of the terrain they are traversing.


  • A seat belt interlock system, a protective cage, safety flags, and nets are among the safety measures.
  • You can manage who uses the UTV and when with the password-protected secure start.
  • The adjustable driver’s seat is powered by a 150cc 4-stroke engine. Single-cylinder engine
  • Ground clearance is 8 inches.
  • Suspension travel (front: 5.1″; rear: 6″)
  • 10 years old and up is the recommended age range.

7.  Honda Pioneer 520 

This new Honda compact utility vehicle is ideal for 16+ year-olds looking for adventure. It’s youthful and entertaining. While it may be driven by an adult (albeit parental controls aren’t included), the UTV was created with teens in mind, allowing them to graduate from smaller vehicles. Even rookie drivers will feel safe behind the wheel with this teen side-by-safety side’s features, such as automated emergency braking at speeds above 12 mph.


  • Electronic fuel injection (PGM-FI), 518cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke, 36mm throttle body, 450 pound bed capacity, 1000 pound towing capacity
  • Honda Phantom Camo hues include Red, Olive, Reactor Blue, and Red.
  • Drivers aged 16 and up are advised to use this product.

Related Questions

  • Should I buy a Youth UTV or ATV?

Age: Old enough on the ATV to drive the 4-wheeler around curves on the trail with their body. UTVs require a minimum age of ten years, whereas ATVs (in some jurisdictions) allow a six-year-old to ride a 50-cc ATV. A little 6-year-old in control of an ATV capable of 30 MPH, on the other hand, may be a dangerous combo, especially if they have no prior expertise.

Safety: In comparison to a Side by Side, an ATV has no roll cage or seat belt. Because ATVs having a higher center of gravity, they are more likely to roll. A UTV is similar to driving a car, whereas an ATV is similar to riding a motorcycle.

  • How old does my child have to be to drive a UTV?

There are varying age limitations in each state, but there are none on private land.

Each manufacturer has their own set of rules, which normally apply to those over the age of ten.

  • What’s the Difference Between a Normal Side-by-Side and a Kids Side-by-Side?

Youth side-by-sides were created to make riding safer for young people. They include a lot of safety and parental controls and are smaller than traditional UTVs.

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