Cheapest 4-Seat Side-by-Side UTVs: Compare Prices and Features

Are you looking to hit the trails without breaking the bank? You may be surprised to discover the variety of cheapest 4-seat side-by-side UTVs available. We believe that the most affordable 4-seater side-by-side doesn’t have to skimp on features or quality. In this guide, we’ll take you through the finest and cheapest 4 person side-by-side options, focusing on reliability and value for money. Whether it’s for leisure or utility, finding an affordable 4-seater side-by-side has never been easier. Your adventure with the cheapest side-by-side 4-seater begins here.

Price Comparison: Finding the Most Affordable 4-Seater Side-by-Side

This comparison focuses on the price range of the 4-seater side-by-side options and breaks them down into three main categories: Utility, Sport/Recreational, and Extreme Performance.


Utility vehicles are designed for hard and versatile work, usually with larger cargo beds, 4×4 capability, and larger towing and cargo bed capacities.

  • Kawasaki
  • Polaris
    • Ranger 570-4: $11,399
  • Honda
  • Can-Am
    • Defender Max (HD8): $13,199
  • Hisun
    • Sector 750 Crew: $13,799
  • Yamaha
    • Viking VI EPS: $13,999
  • Arctic Cat
    • Prowler Pro Crew: $15,399
  • Mahindra
    • Retriever 750 Gas Crew: $15,499
    • Retriever 1000 Gas Crew: $18,099
  • John Deere
    • XUV825M S4: $16,549
  • Kubota
    • RTV-X1140: $16,875
  • Hisun
    • Sector 1000 Crew: $17,299
  • Can-Am
    • Defender Max XT: $17,399


Sport/Recreational side-by-sides are adventure capable and usually come ready for trails and fast speeds.

  • Can-Am
    • Commander Max DPS: $14,299
    • Commander Max XT: $18,999
  • Kawasaki
    • Teryx4: $15,799
  • Mahindra
    • mPact XTV 750 C Gas: $15,999
  • Yamaha
    • Wolverine X4: $16,499
  • Hisun
    • Strike 1000 Crew: $16,999
  • Polaris
    • RZR S4 1000: $19,599

Extreme Performance

Extreme Performance side-by-sides are the most powerful and fastest on the market, designed for racing and hopping the dunes.

  • Can-Am
    • Maverick X3 Max Turbo: $21,999
    • Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR: $29,999
  • Polaris
    • RZR XP 4 Turbo: $23,699
    • RZR XP 4 Turbo S: $25,999

Cheapest 4 Person Side-by-Side: Features and Performance

Certainly! Below is a comparison of the features and performance for the most affordable 4-seater side-by-side models.

1. Kawasaki Mule 4000

  • Price: $9,999
  • Engine: 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 620 cc
  • Top Speed: ~25 mph
  • Towing Capacity: ~1,200 lbs
  • Notable Features: 2WD/4WD, Simple dashboard, Comfortable seating

2. Polaris Ranger 570-4

  • Price: $11,399
  • Engine: 4-stroke, 567 cc
  • Top Speed: ~44 mph
  • Towing Capacity: ~1,500 lbs
  • Notable Features: VersaTrac Turf Mode, Independent Rear Suspension

3. Kawasaki Mule 4010

  • Price: $11,999
  • Engine: 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 620 cc
  • Top Speed: ~25 mph
  • Towing Capacity: ~1,200 lbs
  • Notable Features: Same as Mule 4000 but with additional upgrades

4. Honda Pioneer 700-4

  • Price: $12,399
  • Engine: 4-stroke, 675 cc
  • Top Speed: ~40 mph
  • Towing Capacity: ~1,500 lbs
  • Notable Features: QuickFlip® seating, Automatic transmission, Hydraulic disc brakes

5. Can-Am Defender Max (HD8)

  • Price: $13,199
  • Engine: Rotax V-twin, 799 cc
  • Top Speed: ~50 mph
  • Towing Capacity: ~2,500 lbs
  • Notable Features: PRO-TORQ transmission, Dynamic Power Steering, Integrated front steel bumper


  • Most Affordable: Kawasaki Mule 4000
  • Best Towing Capacity: Can-Am Defender Max (HD8)
  • Fastest Top Speed: Can-Am Defender Max (HD8)
  • Most Engine Displacement: Can-Am Defender Max (HD8)
  • Special Features: Honda Pioneer 700-4 with QuickFlip® seating

The Kawasaki Mule 4000 stands out as the most affordable option, with basic features for utilitarian purposes. If you’re looking for more speed, the Can-Am Defender Max (HD8) offers the highest top speed, along with impressive towing capacity. The Honda Pioneer 700-4 provides an innovative seating arrangement, allowing for flexibility in passenger or cargo space.

Cheapest 4 Person Side-by-Side: Brands and Models

The most affordable 4-seater side-by-side is the Kawasaki Mule 4000 priced at $9,999.

Kawasaki Mule 4000: Features and Performance


  • Retail Price: $9,999


  • Type: Usually equipped with a 4-stroke, 2-cylinder engine
  • Displacement: Around 620 cc
  • Fuel System: Digital Fuel Injection
  • Cooling System: Air-cooled


  • Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with high, low, neutral, and reverse
  • Drive System: Selectable 2WD or 4WD
  • Differential: Limited slip front differential, locking rear differential


  • Top Speed: Approximately 25 mph
  • Towing Capacity: Often around 1,200 lbs
  • Cargo Bed Capacity: Typically up to 800 lbs

Suspension and Tires

  • Front Suspension: MacPherson Strut
  • Rear Suspension: Unit Swing with adjustable shocks
  • Tires: Differ based on the terrain, but usually, all-terrain tires are standard


  • Front Brakes: Hydraulic Discs
  • Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Discs

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: Around 126.8 inches
  • Width: Approximately 64 inches
  • Height: Roughly 75.8 inches
  • Wheelbase: Usually 85.2 inches
  • Ground Clearance: Approximately 6.7 inches
  • Dry Weight: Around 1,330 lbs


  • Seats: Comfortable 4-person bench seating
  • Dashboard: Simple and informative dashboard with necessary indicators
  • Safety: Equipped with seat belts and Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
  • Lights: Headlights and taillights for visibility
  • Accessories: Multiple accessories available for customization, including windshields, roof options, etc.

The Kawasaki Mule 4000 provides an excellent balance of features and affordability. While it may not have all the luxurious features or extreme power of the more expensive models, it offers solid performance, functionality, and utility. The ability to switch between 2WD and 4WD provides adaptability for different terrains and working conditions. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for a cost-effective 4-seater side-by-side without compromising essential functionality and durability.

Features Breakdown: What You Get in the Cheapest Side-by-Side 4-Seater

The Kawasaki Mule 4000, as a utility-class vehicle, focuses on providing the necessary features for hard and versatile work. With a smaller engine size compared to some other utility vehicles, it’s designed to perform better in lower power ranges to maximize torque. It’s ideal for tasks requiring 4×4 capability and higher towing and cargo bed capacities.

In conclusion, the choice between these models will depend on the specific needs and intended usage of the side-by-side, whether for utility work, sport/recreational adventures, or extreme performance experiences. The budget constraints will also guide the decision-making process in selecting the best fit.

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