Polaris electric utv : Everything You Need to Know (2023 Update)

Earlier this year, U.S.-based bike manufacturer Zero Motorcycles announced what it called “a historic partnership” with Polaris, that might end in the primary electric powersport vehicles.

The 10-year agreement that the two companies signed proves that they’re serious about transforming powersports, with the primaryelectric vehicle arisingby the topof this year.

Until then, Polaris is teasing the electrical Ranger, which promises to formzero compromises on performance, while adding the precisebenefits of turning electric. a couple of months ago, the prototype was shown performing some heavy work and being awesome at it. Recently, the main target switched to its off-road capabilities and silent character.

Off-road performance is that the favorite thing that made the classic Ranger popular, therefore the electric version couldn’t be any less. By optimizing weight distribution and bringing it to the very best power-to-weight ratio of any UTV today (according to Polaris), the manufacturer made sure that the load of the electrical drivetrain and battery wouldn’t impact the Ranger’s performance.

Without revealing more details about the specifications, Polaris claims that this is often the strongest utility vehicle drivetrain that they’ve ever made (incorporating the knowledge and technology from Zero Motorcycles).

Durability and fewer maintenance are a number of the advantages of turning the Ranger into an electrical UTV. With less moving parts and fewer maintenance requirements (such as oil changes), this model ranks highest in another category also , by having the lower cost of ownership of any UTV.

Add to that the many reduction in noise and vibration, and you’ve got a silent, trusted companion whether you’re hunting, farming or simply enjoying a conversation while driving to your favorite weekend getaway destination.

The electric Ranger is arising this December, which will only be the start . Polaris is getting to introduce electric options for all of its product categories by 2025.

Polaris electric utv : Everything You Need to Know (2023 Update)


  • Environmentally conscious (no pollution/no emissions)
  • Savings at the pump
  • Very quiet (excellent for hunting)
  • Less maintenance expenses (about 35% less – no oil changes, no spark plugs, no fuel filters)
  • Fewer moving parts = less parts which willbreak down


  • Higher initial cost
  • Weight (batteries can add 200 – 300 extra lbs)
  • Can’t travel long distances (you can’t just pack extra gas)
  • Inability to simply charge ( when camping, traveling, multi day trips)
  • Less powerful
  • Potential for “travel anxiety” / worry about running out of juice

How Much Does an electrical UTV Cost?

There’s no getting round the incontrovertible fact that electric UTVs cost quitetraditional gas models.

Expect to pay upwards of $3,000+ more for an electrical model over a standard gas model.

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