A tremendous portion of vehicle fulfillment comes down to nothing more than how it feels. A machine can have all the highlights within the world, but in case it feels unbalanced, cramped, or ineffectively outlined you’ll likely never be really upbeat with it. 


Essentially, it’s not abnormal for a vehicle missing in control or uncommon highlights to be cherished by proprietors since it feels so normal to sit on and ride. Since their presentation way back in 1993, this has been the foremost reliable quality for the Polaris Sportsman 850 ATVs .


They fair feel right and provide a ride quality to coordinate. When Polaris presented changes to the Sportsman chassis as of late, we were on edge to donate it a attempt and see how the modern Sportsman compared to the amazing past models.

An amazing ATV :

 There have been a few eras of the Sportsman chassis, all of them with their possess highlights and qualities. They’ve been cherished by casual path riders, farmers, seekers, and beautiful much everybody that has ever had the bliss of investigating the trails or putting one to work. The most up to date era Sportsman ATV builds on all that has been learned within the past. Key highlights are:

  • 78hp SOHC twin barrel 4-stroke ProStar motor with Fuel Injection CVT 
  • fashion transmission with On-Demand AWD/2WD
  • High-Clearance double Curved A-arms front and raise for fabulous ground clearance
  • Receiver hitch competent of towing 1500 lbs.
  • Plenty of fixed cargo space front and rear
  • Electronic Control Steering
  • Legendary Sportsman ride quality

The unused Sportsman we would be testing would be the Sportsman 850 SP Premium demonstrate. It’s based intensely on the base show 850, with an indistinguishable chassis, motor, suspension and transmission, but with updates such as shaped steel bumpers front and raise, bumper flares for additional assurance, a winch to drag you (or a buddy) out of any inconvenience, and a premium paint work called Attractive Dark Metallic, all rolling on 14” cast aluminum wheels.

First Impressions:

Extraordinary look:

Upon picking up the unused Sportsman at US-27 Motorsports, our impression was that this ATV looked Extraordinary! We adore the color, and the cast aluminum wheels are a pleasant highlight to the car quality paint work. Beginning the motor given a commonplace, throaty sound common to all Polaris ProStar motors, and we stacked it onto our Aluma trailer and headed for the North Nation. It would be on the trails that we would learn in case the unused Sportsman chassis might coordinate its great looks!

 A newly designed chassis that makes the biggest difference:

The primary few miles of trails uncover a parcel almost each show. What it told us almost the Sportsman 850 is that the building team at Polaris had reconsidered the whole rider / ATV energetic. All past demonstrate Sportsman ATVs felt large, a small wide through the midriff, and as in case you were sitting on top of it. This machine feels as in case you’re sitting down in it in spite of the situate tallness really being over 3” taller than the Sportsman 570! It is the situate froth chiseling that places you a small assist back and down “into” the chassis that produces the greatest distinction. Between your knees, the bodywork was kept to a negligible separate which gives the chassis a lighter, more dexterous feel. The handlebars also reach back encourage to meet the rider, and the generally seating position feels as on the off chance that you’re marginally advance back, which makes the front conclusion feel longer. Comparing specs, the 850 chassis is 2.5” longer than the Sportsman 570 chassis, and it feels like it.

An overall sensation that the Sportsman 850 is ready for action

One highlight common to all Sportsman ATVs is bounty of on-board capacity, and Polaris once once more came through with two expansive capacity compartments. There’s a large compartment within the tough cargo racks behind the situate, and another beneath the front cargo deck. Gratefully, Polaris too made it simple to evacuate for washing and adjusting front conclusion components, and the oil channel, discuss channel, and oil plunge adhere are effectively gotten to as well. 

Great work! The Sportsman bodywork and cargo racks are moreover illustrations of great work, and the body boards fit firmly, with negligible creases and smooth move regions, whereas the tough, composite racks have essentially boundless places to secure tie downs or the Polaris Bolt & Ride extras. It’s a well thought out bundle. All controls are within the right put, the computerized show is simple to read, and the in general feel is that the Sportsman 850 is prepared for activity.

Findings after testing the Sportsman in the hood for weeks:

In general the Sportsman 850 SP still offers the amazing Sportsman control, execution and ride. It fair feels marginally distinctive in how it conveys it

An enging that propmptly responds to challenges:

On the path the 850 motor reacts exceptionally well to throttle input. You’ll blip the throttle at any time and get an moment reaction with no delay from the motor or slack from the CVT clutch. We do wish Polaris would go back to cast aluminum thumb throttle edge. The stock throttle edge flexes somewhat and feels a small cheap for a machine of this quality. In any case of the path conditions, the 850 chassis doused up bumps with ease. The stuns do offer five settings for alteration and they are well balanced front to raise. It is within the corners where we learned much around the 850 chassis.

Shifting into corners with complete confidence:

The lower feeling situate stature, sufficient ground clearance, and raise influence bar implied you’ll charge into corners with total certainty within the 850 chassis. Much obliged to the smaller bodywork between your knees it was conceivable to move body position, whereas the swaybar makes a difference the chassis remain level. The 26” tires had small sidewall flex and the chassis would either hold it’s line, or bounce out of the trenches to wherever you put it. This was indeed more apparent when exchanging back and forward to the 570 Sportsman chassis. We did discover ourselves sliding up on the Sportsman 850 situate to put more weight on the front conclusion, and we would lean toward a handlebar with less reach back to keep you situated more forward. This would be a welcome alter in future models. Current riders may need to switch to an aftermarket bar and fathom the whole issue.

A deep venture into the ponds:

We were charmingly shocked at the how profound the Sportsman 850 would wander into the lakes. Gratefully, Polaris engineers found the CVT and motor discuss admissions tall sufficient within the chassis to dodge sucking in water, and indeed at situate profundity the Sportsman swam forward. We never listened the screech or slip of a damp drive belt, and the motor never sputtered. We did find one disastrous thing almost the Polaris floorboards be that as it may. The numerous huge gaps deplete water absent rapidly, but much obliged to a brace underneath, when wandering into water the gaps work within the inverse heading similarly well, and the brace produces a little spring shooting up one’s gasp leg. It’s not disastrous, but it is irritating, and we regularly ponder how we discover such peculiarities however the ride testing team does not.

POLARIS SPORTSMAN 850 Specifications

ENGINE:                               ProStar SOHC 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder, Liquid Cooled, Fuel Injected, 78hp

DESCENT CONTROL:            Standard

DRIVE TYPE:                         True On-Demand

ENGINE BRAKING:              Standard

TRANSMISSION:                  Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H; Shaft Drive


DRY WEIGHT:                      772 lb (350 kg)

FUEL CAPACITY:                   5.25 gal (19.9 L)

GROUND CLEARANCE:         11.5 in (29 cm)

OVERALL SIZE:                     83.25 x 47.6 x 50.75 in (211.4 x 120.9 x 128.9 cm)

PAYLOAD CAPACITY:           575 lb (261 kg)

WHEELBASE:                       53 in (134.6 cm)

BRAKES (FNT & REAR):        Single Lever 3-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Hydraulic Rear Foot Brake

SUSPENSION – FRONT:        High Clearance Arched Dual A-Arm 9 in (22.9 cm) Travel

SUSPENSION – REAR:          High Clearance Arched Dual A-Arm, Rolled IRS, 10.25 in (26 cm) Travel

WHEELS & TIRES:                14”,  26 x 8 CST Front,  26 x 10 CST Rear

HITCH & TOWING:                Standard 1.25 in (3.2 cm) Receiver,  1,500 lb (680.4 kg)

LIGHTING:                            50w High Beam, Dual 50w Low Beam Headlights

CARGO SYSTEM:                  Lock & Ride, 2 Cast Rack Extenders 4 Gal (15 L) Front, 2 Gal (8 L) Rear

COLORS:                               Sage Green, Titanium Metallic

INSTRUMENTION:               All Digital Gauge, Speedometer, Odometer, Tachometer, Two Tripmeters, Hour Meter, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, AWD Indicator, Volt Meter, Coolant Temperature, Hi-Temp Light, Clock, DC Outlet

RACK CAPACITY – Front and Rear:    120 lb (55 kg)/240 lb (110 kg)

BASE MODEL MSRP:     $ 8,999  U.S.

Top Speed Of Polaris Sportsman

The Sportsman is certainly one of the foremost common ATVs around nowadays. Polaris has truly cemented a notoriety for making premium, high-quality items, and the Sportsman is no exemption.

Most modern Sportsmans have everything simply explore for in an ATV, counting exceptionally smooth execution and awesome speeding up numbers. And talking approximately execution, there’s something that numerous Polaris fans regularly inquire almost their ATV:

what is the beat speed and the 0-60 time of the sportsman?

I by and by utilized to claim a Sportsman a long time back, so I know the reply!

the reply is that the best speed & 0-60 numbers will depend on the ATVs trim. The foremost common Sportsman, the 570, will accomplish a greatest best speed of 62 MPH and a 0-60 time of 11.5 seconds.

The Sportsman XP 1000 will accomplish a greatest best speed of 79 MPH and a 0-60 time of 6-7 seconds.

The Sportsman 850 will accomplish a beat speed of 66 MPH and a 0-60 time of 10 seconds.

The Sportsman 450 will accomplish a best speed of 57 MPH and it’ll accomplish that speed in almost 11 seconds.

These numbers have been affirmed by hundreds of devotees recording their speeds employing a GPS. As long as the ATV doesn’t have a rev/speed limiter introduced, these will be the most extreme speeds the Sportsman will reach. 

Moreover, there are other Sportsmans that I didn’t say on the best, like for case the kids models. In case you need to know the beat speeds of those models, if you don’t mind check underneath! I too conversation almost why you aren’t accomplishing beat speeds in your Sportsman underneath.