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With my expertise in UTV side-by-side vehicles, I recognize the significance of equipping your vehicle with appropriate accessories for safety and convenience during off-road adventures. Among these accessories, a dependable and secure UTV Gun Rack is essential for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and gun owners. This article will present the realm of UTV gun racks and examine the top five options. These side-by-side gun racks have been meticulously chosen based on their longevity, security features, user-friendliness, and value for money. Let us explore the finest gun racks for UTV/ATV owners.

The critical feature of UTV Gun Rack:

The ideal UTV gun rack is robust, providing secure storage for your weapons while protecting your UTV from damage. It should effectively minimize vibrations that can potentially harm your firearms. When selecting an UTV gun rack, it is crucial to consider its shock-absorbing qualities. This feature prevents guns from bouncing on the UTV’s exterior, mainly when traversing uneven terrain. This becomes even more significant if you frequently ride on rough trails. Furthermore, the side-by-side gun rack should exhibit resistance to scratches and moisture. Whether riding in wet weather or maneuvering through dense vegetation, the rack should withstand these challenging conditions without compromising its functionality.

Benefits of the UTV Gun Rack:

An UTV gun rack offers several advantages, including:

  • Ensuring the stability of your weapon while on the move.
  • Safeguarding your guns from water, vibrations, and debris ensures their protection.
  • Often being adjustable and easy to install, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • Before selecting the ideal UTV gun rack, it is essential to consider the following questions.

Types of Gun Racks:

Various types of UTV gun racks are available, including: Individual clamp racks: These racks consist of separate clamps that can be attached to convenient spots on the vehicle.

They offer versatility as they can be connected wherever needed. While lightweight, they have limited capacity for heavy equipment.

  • Case racks: These racks serve as storage cases and gun racks, typically accommodating a single firearm.
  • Vertical racks:  These racks hold weapons and tools standing, maximizing space efficiency and ensuring easy access. They are more suitable for UTVs rather than ATVs.
  • Ceiling racks: Designed for UTVs with a ceiling, these racks are attached to the underside, saving space and providing easy access to guns. • Roll cage racks: These robust racks keep guns securely out of the way, but they may be more challenging to access than other rack types.
  • Clamps with a telescopic pole: These racks feature clamps connected to a telescopic pole, providing a higher weight capacity and distributing the load over a larger area. They are heavier than individual clamp racks but offer less adjustability.

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Top 5 UTV Gun Rack:

1- Great Day Overhead Gun Rack (Quick-Draw For UTV):

When considering an overhead gun rack for UTV, the Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack emerges as a standout choice. This rack presents a practical design that enables easy access to firearms while securely keeping them overhead and out of the path. The Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack is built from aircraft-grade aluminum and guarantees durability and resistance against rust and corrosion. Its compatibility with a wide range of UTV models and straightforward installation process contribute to its popularity among UTV enthusiasts. With the capacity to securely hold two firearms, this rack offers convenience and assurance during off-road adventures.

Great Day Overhead Gun Rack

Easy and Safe Access:
The Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack ensures quick and easy access to your firearms when you need them most. Designed to hold two guns securely in the inside roof area of your UTV, this rack keeps your guns within arm’s reach, allowing you to retrieve them swiftly. The super-soft rubber gun clips provide a secure grip on your firearms, keeping them in place even on bumpy terrain.

Effortless Installation:
Installing the Quick-Draw Overhead UTV Gun Rack is a breeze. You won’t need to worry about drilling holes or bolting it down, as it is designed for easy mounting. Simply follow the straightforward instructions, and you’ll have your gun rack securely attached to your UTV in no time. Spend less time on installation and more time enjoying your outdoor pursuits.

Customized Fit for Your UTV:
Finding the perfect gun rack that fits your UTV precisely is crucial, and the Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack offers a tailored solution. To ensure compatibility, measure the distance between the front and back horizontal frame bars inside your UTV. This measurement allows you to select the appropriate gun rack that matches your UTV’s specific brand, year, and model. With a customized fit, your firearms will be held securely and reliably during every ride.

Lightweight and Durable:
Weighing just 6 pounds, the Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead UTV Gun Rack is lightweight, ensuring it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your vehicle. The compact dimensions of 31.2 x 9.6 x 2.5 inches make it an ideal choice for UTV owners who value space optimization. Despite its lightweight construction, this gun rack is built to last, offering long-term durability and reliability.

Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars (based on 911 ratings)

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

When it comes to safely and conveniently storing your firearms during UTV adventures, the Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead UTV Gun Rack is the perfect solution. With its easy access, weatherproof protection, effortless installation, customizable fit, and lightweight design, this gun rack provides a superior solution for UTV enthusiasts. Join the many satisfied customers who have rated this product highly, appreciating its quality and functionality. Invest in the Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead UTV Gun Rack and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your firearms are securely stored and readily accessible whenever you need them.

2- Kolpin UTV Gun Rack: Secure Firearm Storage for Your Off-Road Adventures

As an avid UTV side-by-side enthusiast, you understand the importance of having reliable storage solutions for your gear and equipment. One essential accessory that stands out in terms of convenience, safety, and durability is the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack. Designed specifically for off-road adventures, this vertical in-cab gun rack offers a secure and easily accessible storage solution for your firearms. In this expert review, we will delve into the key features and benefits of the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack, highlighting why it is an indispensable addition to your UTV setup.

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

Versatility for Different UTV Models:
Designed with versatility in mind, the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack offers a solution for various UTV models. The standard mount fits flat UTV floors, ensuring a hassle-free installation for most side-by-side vehicles. However, if you own a Polaris or Yamaha utility vehicle with a center transmission hump, you’ll need the Gun Rack Mount adapter riser (20074) for a perfect fit. This thoughtful compatibility feature ensures that the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack caters to a wide range of UTV enthusiasts.

Adjustable and Ergonomic Design:
One of the standout features of the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack is its adjustable design, allowing you to customize the height and angle according to your specific needs. The rack offers an adjustable height range from 27-1/2″ to 35-1/2″, accommodating different firearm sizes and personal preferences. Moreover, the rack can be angled up to 45 degrees in either direction, providing ergonomic access to your firearms from the driver or passenger side. This adjustability guarantees a comfortable and efficient experience when retrieving your firearms.

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Setup:

Installing the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack is a straightforward process, thanks to the clear instructions provided. With minimal effort, you can securely mount the gun rack to the floor of your UTV or in the bed area, ensuring quick and easy access to your firearms whenever needed. The user-friendly setup of the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack allows you to spend less time on installation and more time enjoying your off-road adventures.

Compact and Durable Construction:
The Kolpin UTV Gun Rack features a compact base dimension of 5-1/4″ width by 6″ front to back, ensuring it doesn’t take up excessive space in your UTV cabin or bed area. Despite its compact size, this gun rack is built to last. The heavy-duty construction and high-quality materials ensure durability, withstanding the rigors of demanding off-road conditions. Weighing only 8 pounds, the rack adds minimal weight to your UTV while providing maximum reliability.

Customer Reviews:

4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 840 ratings)

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

3- Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip UTV Gun Rack:

When it comes to safely transporting your gear on outdoor adventures, the Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip UTV Gun Rack is a must-have accessory. With its impressive carrying strength of up to 15lbs., this heavy-duty gear storage solution ensures your medium-weight items are securely fastened, offering peace of mind during your ATV, UTV, or boating excursions.

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

Versatile Carrying Solution:
The Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip offers a versatile carrying solution for a wide range of outdoor gear. Whether you’re carrying guns, bows, fishing poles, ice augers, shovels, rakes, or farm tools, this grip can securely hold items ranging from 1″ to 4″ in diameter. Its flexible design ensures compatibility with various gear types, making it an essential accessory for any outdoor activity.

Quick-Release Button and Easy Access:
Accessing your gear has never been easier thanks to the quick-release button on the Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip. With just one hand, you can conveniently release and retrieve your items whenever needed. This feature ensures that you spend less time fumbling with straps and more time enjoying your outdoor adventures.

Universal Fit and Mounting Options:
The Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip is designed to fit most vehicles, making it a versatile choice for ATV, UTV, and boat owners. The heavy-duty base system can be mounted to tubular or square bars ranging from 5/8″ to 2″ in diameter. Additionally, it can be attached to a flat, drillable surface for added convenience. The grip’s 4-corner bolting system guarantees a secure and stable installation, providing peace of mind while on the go.

Convenient Kwik-Clip Design:
The Kwik-Clip design of the Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip adds another level of convenience to your outdoor adventures. This innovative feature allows for base rotation and effortless removal of the grips when necessary. Whether you need to adjust the angle of your gear or remove the grips for cleaning or storage purposes, the Kwik-Clip design ensures a user-friendly experience.

Pros of the Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip:
1- Secure and Versatile:
2- Heavy-Duty Construction:
3- Quick-Release Button:
4- Universal Fit and Mounting Options: installation locations.
5- Kwik-Clip Design:

Cons of the Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip:
1- Limited Weight Capacity
2- Vehicle Compatibility
3- Additional Versions for Specific Vehicles

Positive reviews:

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

For outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable and versatile gear carrying solution, the Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip is a game-changer. With its durable construction, quick-release functionality, universal fit, and easy customization options, this grip enhances your outdoor adventures by securely holding your medium-weight gear. Trust in the Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip to keep your equipment safe and accessible, allowing you to focus on enjoying your outdoor pursuits to the fullest.

4- Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack:

When it comes to heavy-duty gear transportation, you need a reliable solution that offers maximum functionality and strength. The Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack is a game-changer in the world of off-roading and outdoor enthusiasts. With its unparalleled carrying strength and durability, this gun rack is designed to securely attach your firearms, bows, ice augers, shovels, and more to your UTV, ATV, truck, trailer, boat, or garage. Let’s delve deeper into the exceptional features of the Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack and discover why it’s the ultimate choice for your gear-carrying needs.

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

Unrivaled Strength and Durability:
When it comes to carrying heavy-duty gear, the Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack excels with its robust construction. Crafted from durable cast aluminum and enhanced with protective rubber over-molding, this gun rack delivers maximum functionality and unparalleled strength. With over 50 lbs. of carrying strength, you can trust that your gear will remain secure even during challenging terrains.

Customizable Tilt-Angling and Rotation:
The 5-position tooth indexed tilt-angling mechanism of the Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack provides optimal customization to suit your specific needs. Whether you want to adjust the angle for easy access or secure your gear tightly during rough terrains, this gun rack delivers unmatched flexibility. Additionally, the infinite rotation feature ensures that you can position your equipment in any direction for convenient access.

Versatility for Various Applications:
The Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack isn’t limited to UTVs alone. Its versatility extends to various vehicles and environments, including ATVs, trucks, trailers, boats, and even your garage. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who engage in multiple activities and need a reliable gear-carrying solution that can be easily mounted wherever it’s needed.

Positive Customer Reviews:
With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from numerous satisfied customers, the Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack has gained a reputation for its outstanding performance. Users praise its durability, strength, and ease of use, noting how it has greatly improved their gear-carrying capabilities and provided peace of mind during their UTV adventures.

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

When it comes to carrying your gear securely on your UTV, the Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack stands out as a top choice. Its exceptional strength, durability, and versatile mounting options make it a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts. With its customizable tilt-angling, infinite rotation, and hassle-free installation, this gun rack ensures that your gear is always within reach, giving you the freedom to focus on your off-road adventures. Elevate your UTV experiences with the Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro UTV Gun Rack and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind it brings to your outdoor pursuits.

5- kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack

When it comes to enjoying your off-road adventures, having a reliable and versatile storage solution is essential. The Kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, providing a sturdy and secure storage option for firearms, crossbows, tools, and other equipment. Made from durable steel and featuring adjustable rubber straps, this gun rack offers convenience, protection, and peace of mind while traversing rugged terrains. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and compatibility of the Kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack.

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

Sturdy Steel Material:

The Kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack is constructed from solid steel, ensuring exceptional durability and long-term reliability. Unlike plastic gun holders that may crack or become brittle in cold weather, the steel construction of this rack withstands various environmental conditions. Whether you’re facing freezing temperatures or intense heat, the Kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack will remain sturdy and functional.

Compatibility Range:
This gun rack is designed to fit UTVs with 1.75″-2″ diameter tubes, bull bars, and roll cages, offering versatility and compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. Compatible models include Commander and Maverick (excluding X3 models), RZR (all models except 170 and Pro R 4), 2016-17 Ranger Full Size 570, and more. For a comprehensive list of compatible models, please refer to the product description. Additionally, this rack can even be used as a ski rack for your snowmobile, adding further utility to your outdoor gear.

Rubber Inserts for Enhanced Protection:
To ensure maximum protection for your firearms and other equipment, the Kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack features rubber inserts in the gun mount hole and holders. These rubber inserts minimize friction and improve the fitment of the mounts to the tubes or railings, ensuring a secure and stable hold. With the added layer of rubber protection, you can transport your belongings confidently, knowing they are safeguarded against potential damage.

Adjustable Rubber Straps:
Transporting your firearms and equipment safely is a top priority, and the Kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack makes it easy with its adjustable rubber straps. You can customize the size of the rubber straps to securely hold your items in place, preventing them from slipping or moving during rough rides. The flexibility of these straps ensures a snug fit for different-sized items, providing peace of mind as you navigate challenging terrains.

Wider Utility:
While the Kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack is specifically designed for firearms, it offers a broader range of utility. This versatile rack can store more than just guns; it can accommodate crossbows, shovels, agricultural equipment, and various other items you may need during your outdoor adventures. With its wide-ranging storage capabilities, this gun rack becomes an indispensable accessory for any UTV enthusiast.

Pros and cons of the Kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack:


  1. Durable steel construction ensures long-term durability.
  2. Compatibility with a wide range of UTV models and roll bar sizes.
  3. Rubber inserts provide enhanced protection and stability.
  4. Adjustable rubber straps keep belongings secure during transport.
  5. Versatile design allows for the storage of various items.


  1. Limited Compatibility
  2. Mounting Limitations
  3. Limited Size Adjustability

Positive reviews:

Best 5 UTV Gun Rack

Negative reviews:

• Higher cost compared to other options • Installation process may not always be straightforward • Requires screwing in place for proper installation • Designed exclusively for side-by-side and UTV vehicles • Not ideal for vehicles with low cab height or taller individuals


Selecting the appropriate UTV gun rack is essential for ensuring the safety and convenience of your off-road adventures. The Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack, Kolpin UTV Gun Rack, Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip UTV Gun Rack, Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro, and kemimoto Roll Bar UTV Gun Rack offer excellent choices that prioritize durability, security, and user-friendliness. When deciding, carefully evaluate your needs, compatibility with your UTV model, and personal preferences. Remember, placing a high emphasis on safety when transporting firearms is paramount, and these highly regarded gun racks provide the peace of mind you need for your off-road journeys.

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