The New Honda Pioneer 700-4: A Comprehensive Guide to Features and Specifications

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe allows you to save money without sacrificing quality. If you do not require 1000-class power, the 700-4 Deluxe at $13,899 offers you everything you need, i.e Deluxe’s belt-less geared transmission, convertible multi-passenger seating, power steering, painted exterior, and aluminum wheels.

The Pioneer 700-4 comes standard with a belt-less, geared automatic transmission with four-seat convertible seating. The Deluxe includes painted or camo bodywork, power steering, aluminum wheels, and distinctive shock springs in addition to the automatic transmission.

Overview of the Honda Pioneer 700-4

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is a remarkable side-by-side vehicle designed to provide unmatched versatility, comfort, and reliability. With a host of innovative features and rugged construction, it is well-suited for tackling any kind of terrain.


HANDELING·Power steering can be quite useful while going off-road, especially in rocky terrain, over side hills, or over logs and dry ruts. There are no belts or pumps to slip, break, or leak with Honda’s EPS, which is one of the best. It is also a “smart” system.
PERFORMANCE·Rubberized mounts reduce cabin vibration. For dependable starts and performance in bad weather, fuel injection is used. And a track record of delivering thrill after thrill.

·Three-quarter-ton towing capacity—enough to do some of the tasks that a tractor would ordinarily handle.

·The 1,000-pound capacity is among the best in the business, and the construction is sturdy and long-lasting.

·A unique scraper system on our triple-disc brakes helps minimize debris buildup between the caliper and the rim. The front brakes use 200mm discs, while the rear brakes have a lighter 170mm inboard-mounted disc.
ENGINEERING·You can either let the automatic transmission change for you or use the steering column mounted paddle shifters to choose the gear you want—you can even shift from auto to manual (AT to MT)

·The completely independent rear suspension has 9.1 inches of travel and a dual-rate spring. As a result, even when fully loaded, you can expect dependable handling performance.

·Smooth shifts, a continuous supply of power, and engine braking are all provided by a heavy-duty torque converter and three hydraulic clutches. Meanwhile, even at higher RPM levels, the two-stage shift map optimizes power and torque delivery.
VERSATILITY·Switch between 2-person mode, 3-person mode, and 4-person mode, all with full cargo and tilt bed functions. Seats lie flat in the bed and spring to life when you need them.

·They have for good balance and light distribution, so there are no black zones or uneven light patterns. They are 37.5 watts and single filament.

·Our hard doors have a dual latching system inspired by our automobiles. They work in tandem with our roll-up side netting to keep the weather out while keeping you safe inside.

·A handy glovebox in the cabin stores and protects your essentials. The weather-resistant door keeps the elements out, while the in-dash design gives plenty of storage space without sacrificing passenger legroom.
SAFETY·A unique scraper system on our triple-disc brakes helps minimize debris buildup between the caliper and the rim. The front brakes use 200mm discs, while the rear brakes have a lighter 170mm inboard-mounted disc.

·The Occupant Protection Structure on the Pioneer 700-4 is made of large-diameter tubing and meets OSHA’s rollover protection standard. Integrated handrails, recessed top tubes, and automotive-style three-point seatbelts with emergency locking retractors keep passengers safe in the cabin.



Type of engine 4-valve, liquid-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke inline twin

675cc displacement

102mm bore x 82.6mm stroke

9.2:1 compression ratio

Semi-dry sump lubrication system

40mm throttle body for carburetion

Electric/none for starting/back-up

Transmission 3-speed transmission with manual and automatic modes

Selectable drive system 2WD/4WD with front differential locking

Shaft/shaft final drive


7.9 gallons of fuel capacity

76.8″ wheelbase

114.8″/59.7″/78.5″ overall length/width/height

10.7″ of ground clearance

1426 pounds wet weight

1000 pound bed capacity

1500 pound towing capability


Suspension/wheel travel:

Front Dual A-arms & non-adjustable shocks /7.9″ Rear Dual A-arms & preload adjustable shocks with sway bar/9.1″ Brakes: Front Dual A-arms & non-adjustable shocks /7.9″


Front 200mm discs

Rear 170mm disc


Front 25×8-12 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0

Rear 25×10-12 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0


Instrumentation: DC outlet Auto-style waterproof plug Speedometer, odometer, tachometer, trip/hour, gasoline, gear position, diagnostics, and clock

Colors: Silver, Pearl Red, and Camo


  • The price is reasonable ($9,999 for a two-seater, $11,699 for a four-seater).
  • The Pioneer’s stowable rear seats make it highly versatile
  • The Pioneer’s front and rear doors open wide, making loading and unloading a breeze –


  • Only the glove compartment has dry storage
  • Soft suspension while riding with four passengers
  • No EPS option
  • Could be faster


In conclusion, the new Honda Pioneer 700-4 is a versatile side-by-side vehicle that excels in performance, durability, and comfort. With its impressive engine, innovative seating configuration, and excellent cargo carrying capabilities, it is well-suited for both off-road adventures and work-related tasks.

Honda’s commitment to reliability and build quality is evident in every aspect of the Pioneer 700-4. The vehicle’s advanced suspension system, off-road features, and robust safety measures ensure a secure and enjoyable experience, no matter the terrain.

So, if you’re in the market for a dependable and capable side-by-side vehicle, the new Honda Pioneer 700-4 is undoubtedly worth considering. Visit an authorized Honda dealer or explore the official Honda website to learn more about the specifications, pricing, and options available for the Honda Pioneer 700-4.

Remember, a thrilling off-road journey awaits you with the powerful and versatile Honda Pioneer 700-4 – the ultimate companion for all your outdoor endeavors.

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