The Best 5 UTV Side Mirrors (Top Rated 2023)

Introduction: UTV Side Mirrors: Enhancing Safety and Performance

UTVs, also known as Utility Task Vehicles, have become increasingly popular for their adaptability and capability to navigate diverse landscapes. Whether you’re an avid off-roader, a hunter, or a farmer, prioritizing safety is essential when using a UTV. A dependable pair of side mirrors is one vital accessory that enhances safety and provides better visibility. This article will examine the top five available UTV side mirrors designed to elevate your UTV experience and ensure your safety during your thrilling expeditions.

Why install mirrors on a UTV?

Having mirrors on your UTV serves the same purpose as having them on your everyday vehicle. Maintaining awareness of your surroundings while driving is crucial, and this holds true even more so when you are off-road. In off-road situations, there is a higher likelihood of encountering vehicles approaching from various directions. Installing mirrors enhances your ability to observe vehicles approaching from behind. It is important to remember that not all drivers may be attentive to their surroundings or exhibit cautious behavior. Spotting approaching vehicles enables you to react proactively and take evasive action if necessary.

Furthermore, if you are riding with a group, mirrors provide the advantage of keeping track of your fellow riders trying to keep up with you. This promotes better coordination and ensures that everyone stays together during the ride. Installing mirrors on your UTV is essential for maintaining situational awareness. They allow you to monitor approaching vehicles and take necessary precautions, particularly in off-road environments where multiple directions of traffic are possible. Mirrors also aid in group riding, enabling you to stay connected with fellow riders.

How to mount mirrors on a UTV?  

Finding a solution to mount mirrors and a windshield on your UTV may raise some concerns. However, it’s important to note that most manufacturers consider that many customers want both accessories installed. When searching for UTV mirrors, keep an eye out for phrases such as “low-profile mount” and “windshield-compatible” to increase the likelihood of a successful installation.

To begin the installation process with the windshield in place, start by test-fitting one of the mirror clamps in your desired location. Ensure enough clearance between the windshield and the roll cage bar to allow the clamp to be easily inserted. If there is sufficient clearance, you’re in luck. Remove the windshield temporarily to provide maximum working space to install the mirrors without risking any scratches or impacts. Tighten the mirror mounting clamps in the preferred position and reinstall the windshield. It may require adjustments to ensure that everything fits together without any interference.

Creativity may be necessary if there is insufficient clearance between the windshield and the mirror mounts. For example, Seizmik, a brand specializing in UTV accessories, offers side mirror mounting brackets for select Polaris models that utilize factory roll cage bolts. Depending on the design of your mirror mounts, you can devise a similar solution or consider carefully cutting small notches in the windshield using a rotary tool to accommodate the clamps.

In summary, mounting mirrors on a UTV with a windshield requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Look for mirror options that are compatible with windshields and offer low-profile mounts. Test-fit the mirrors and ensure sufficient clearance between the windshield and the mirror clamps. If necessary, explore alternative mounting solutions provided by manufacturers or consider modifying the windshield, taking caution to avoid damage.

How to select the appropriate UTV side mirrors?

Selecting the appropriate UTV side mirrors is vital for an enhanced off-road experience and for ensuring safety. Here are some crucial factors to bear in mind when choosing UTV side mirrors:

 Type: UTV side mirrors come in different types, such as flat or convex mirrors. Flat mirrors offer a more natural reflection, while convex mirrors offer an expanded viewing angle. Consider your requirements and preferences to determine which mirror type suits you best. Convex mirrors are generally recommended for off-road use as they offer a broader view of the surroundings.

Mounting Options:  UTV side mirrors can be mounted using various methods, including clamps, brackets, or on the roll cage. Consider the mounting options compatible with your UTV model, ensuring a secure and stable attachment. Clamps offer easy installation and versatility, while brackets provide a more permanent and robust mount. Mounting on the roll cage is another popular option, as it keeps the mirrors out of the way and minimizes the risk of damage.

Material:  The material and durability of UTV side mirrors are crucial, given the challenging and harsh off-road environments. Look for side mirrors crafted from durable materials such as aluminum or high-quality plastics that withstand impacts, weather conditions, and UV rays. Ensure the mirrors are designed to handle the vibrations and shocks commonly encountered during off-road rides.

Adjustability:  Opt for UTV side mirrors that offer adjustability, allowing you to customize the angle and position according to your preferences and riding conditions. Consider side mirrors with adjustable brackets, arms, or swivel mounts to enhance visibility in different terrains and riding situations. Convex mirrors can also provide a wider field of view and enable you to observe more of your surroundings.

What are the top 5 UTV side mirrors?

Seizmik Pursuit Elite HD Side Mirrors (Top Safety Option):

The Seizmik Pursuit Elite HD Side Mirrors are excellent for UTV enthusiasts who prioritize durability and clear visibility. Constructed from high-impact ABS plastic, these mirrors are built to withstand harsh conditions while providing exceptional longevity. Their wide-angle convex mirrors offer a broad field of view, allowing you to monitor your surroundings easily. The mirrors are adjustable, allowing for optimal viewing angles. Moreover, the Pursuit Elite HD mirrors feature a breakaway design that helps prevent damage when encountering obstacles.

Assault Industries Explorer Series UTV Side Mirrors (Best Versatility):

For UTV owners seeking a blend of style and functionality, the Assault Industries Explorer Series UTV Side Mirrors are an excellent option. These mirrors sport a rugged and visually appealing design with a lightweight aluminum bezel and a sleek black anodized finish. Equipped with convex mirrors, they offer an expanded field of view, ensuring excellent visibility even in challenging environments. The Explorer Series mirrors feature a breakaway design to prevent damage during impacts, and their adjustable nature allows for

customization to suit individual preferences. With their superior construction and aesthetics, these mirrors make a lasting impression.

SuperATV Side Mirrors:

SuperATV is a well-established brand in the UTV industry, and its Side Mirrors demonstrates its dedication to quality and performance. These mirrors feature sturdy aluminum housing and shatter-resistant glass, ensuring durability and clear visibility. The convex mirror design expands the field of view, enabling you to observe more of your surroundings. The SuperATV Side Mirrors are highly adjustable, featuring a ball-and-socket joint that allows for finding the perfect angle. Their sleek and compact design adds a touch of style to your UTV while prioritizing safety.

Assault Industries Sidewinder Convex Side Mirrors:

The Sidewinder convex side mirrors from Assault Industries provide exceptional versatility with their wider field of view and circular design. Constructed primarily from CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum, these mirrors are durable and can be rebuilt using basic tools. The round style allows for customization, as front and rear bezels can be replaced with colored options or finished for a personalized appearance. Suitable for many vehicles, these mirrors can be easily installed using existing clamps.

Kolpin UTV Rear View/Side Mirror:

The Kolpin UTV Rear View/Side Mirror offers versatility as a rearview and side mirror. This dual-purpose design maximizes visibility without compromising convenience. Constructed with durable, high-impact housing and a convex mirror for a wider viewing angle, this mirror can be easily adjusted to ensure optimal visibility from various seating positions in your UTV. The Kolpin UTV Rear View/Side Mirror provides a quick and straightforward installation process, making it a convenient choice for UTV owners who value simplicity and functionality.

ModQuad UTV Side Mirrors:

For those seeking a sleek and compact side mirror solution, the ModQuad UTV Side Mirrors are an ideal choice. These mirrors

feature a lightweight billet aluminum construction, offering strength and style. The convex mirrors provide a wide field of view, and their adjustability allows for easy customization based on personal preferences. Available in various anodized colors, the ModQuad UTV Side Mirrors can match your UTV’s aesthetics. With their compact design and reliable performance, these mirrors are an excellent addition to any UTV.


In conclusion, prioritizing safety by investing in high-quality side mirrors is crucial for UTV owners. The top 5 UTV side mirrors discussed in this article, which include the Seizmik Pursuit Elite HD, SuperATV, Assault Industries Explorer Series, Kolpin UTV Rear View/Side Mirror, and ModQuad UTV Side Mirrors, all offer outstanding visibility, durability, and adjustability. Opting for any of these mirrors will greatly enhance your UTV experience and elevate safety during your off-road escapades. It’s important to consider your requirements, preferences, and budget when choosing the ideal side mirrors for your UTV, ensuring a blend of functionality and peace of mind on your future adventures.

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