Best ATV Helmets

A helmet, like a solid set of ATV tires, a trustworthy ATV battery, and a good ATV winch, is something that every ATV rider should have. In fact, There are no debates when it comes to wearing a helmet while riding your ATV; you must wear an appropriate helmet to protect yourself in the event of an accident. You never know when an accident may occur, but wearing a helmet can help you avoid getting killed. So, in order to provide your head with the necessary protection, you must get the best ATV helmet available. There are plenty of options available, but some are far superior to others.

It is impossible to declare one product to be the best ATV helmet because one may be perfect for you while another may be ideal for someone else. Consider your demands, make sure the product is safe, and then purchase the greatest ATV helmet you can! However, we believe that there aren’t any ATV helmets out there that are better than the six listed here. This is due to the fact that they all have vital traits that make them worthwhile.

What is the difference between ATV helmet and a motorcycle helmet?

At first look, they both appear to be capable of doing the task. However, there are a few essential distinctions to be aware of so you don’t end up with a helmet that isn’t appropriate for your needs. ATV riding differs significantly from motorcycle riding in several key aspects.

The majority of ATV helmets are simply motocross helmets disguised as ATV helmets. Great ventilation, a sturdy chin guard, and a huge facial opening for use with off-road goggles are all included. They’re ideal for off-road ATV riding that’s a little more aggressive. Motorcycle helmets, on the other hand, have a full face visor, excellent aerodynamics, and are often quieter and more comfortable. This helmet is suitable for both casual trail riding and highway use.

ATV helmetmotorcycle helmet
Chin and jaw guard·         The chin guard on ATV and MX helmets is often quite hard, protecting the chin and jaw from harm.·         A chin guard is also seen on motorcycle helmets, but it isn’t as thick as the one found on ATV helmets.
Mud and dust protection, full-face visor vs. goggles·         ATV/MX helmets include a huge opening for riding goggles, which performs much better in dusty situations than a full face street helmet.··         A flip-up style full-face shield, such as those found on motorcycle helmets, is useless in situations when dirt and dust are continuously flying around.·         The dust collects on both the outside and inside of the shield, it will quickly become hard to see through it.
Airflow, preventing sweat and fog·         Better ventilation·         To keep the perspiration out of your eyes and your vision from fogging up, you’ll need all the air you can get.·         The ATV/MX helmet includes numerous large vents throughout, including one in the chin guard, to let as much cool air into the helmet as possible.·         The goggles’ region, as well as vents on the goggles themselves, are adequately ventilated on ATV/MX helmets. This greatly reduces the likelihood of them fogging up.·         Motorcycle helmets include vents as well, but they can’t bring in the amount of air you need to stay cool.·         They also have the drawback of allowing you to breathe straight into the inside of the visor, which can cause fogging when you are heated.
Aerodynamics·         ATV/MX style helmets have poor aerodynamics due to the peak and huge facial opening, making riding at speeds over 70 mph difficult.·         The motorcycle helmet is designed to withstand high speeds of up to 200 mph or more. The helmet’s aerodynamics are critical at these speeds to keep your head stable without stressing your neck muscles.
Noise·         When riding side by side, many dirtbike and ATV racers prefer to hear where their opponent is located. That’s why you’ll find vents on the sides of some ATV/MX helmets to let the sound in. This feature is rendered ineffective if the helmet is worn at high speeds on the highway, as the wind noise will be unpleasant.·         Helmets for motorcycles are frequently designed with comfort in mind. Wind noise on an ATV/MX helmet can be fairly noticeable, especially at higher speeds.·         In most circumstances, though, the motorcycle helmet’s aerodynamic and totally enclosed design will perform a considerably better job of keeping things quiet.
Sun protection·         ATV/MX helmets do not have this feature and instead have a somewhat adjustable beak to provide shade for your eyes.·         Some motorcycle helmets have a tinted visor that can be flipped down to keep the sun out of your eyes.
Design·         The prominent chin guard and sun visor are design features that immediately identify this as an ATV/MX helmet.·         Some motorcycle helmets have eye-catching designs, but if you plan to use the helmet in traffic, you should choose for a high-visibility one.·         Motorcycles are compact and easy to maneuver.
Clean ability·         That’s why today’s ATV/MX helmets all have an easily removable inner lining that can be washed if necessary.·         This function is becoming increasingly common on motorcycle helmets. For hygiene reasons, this is really practical.

What helmet style to go for according to the different types of ATV riding?

Sport, off-road, and mudding.

The ATV/MX style helmet is ideal for any off-road applications. Look for features like decent ventilation, protection, and the possibility to wear goggles

Riding in the trails for fun

If comfort is more important than dirt handling abilities, a motorcycle-style helmet might be the way to go.

This provides better weather protection, decreases noise, and should prevent you from overheating as long as you stay on the route.

Hunting and utility work

An ATV/MX helmet without goggles is perfect for this style of riding. This provides excellent protection as well as plenty of ventilation and visibility.

This is preferable to wearing an “open face” helmet with no chin guard. While these are better than nothing, they do not provide crucial facial protection.

Now, let’s go through our list of the best six helmets you get to choose from!

What are the Best ATV Helmets?

1. MMG ATV Helmet

It comes in a lovely Military Green color that gives a bit of camouflage for anyone who might need it. The most important characteristic of this ATV helmet is its large opening. Not only will you have more room to see around you, but you’ll also be able to squeeze a pair of goggles in there. To make things even better, you’ll receive a free pair of safety glasses with your purchase – so that’s an added benefit!

It has a wide range of sizes, as well as a detailed sizing chart With the MMG ATV Helmet, you get both of these things; there are a variety of sizes to pick from, and their sizing chart may help you figure out which one will suit you best.

The inside of the helmet has a soft, padded liner that caresses your head while providing exceptional cushioning. As an added safety feature, the padding absorbs any shocks, decreasing the impact on your head and brain. It’s also well-ventilated, allowing for optimal ventilation within the helmet. The shell is incredibly sturdy, and it complies with DOT safety standards.

2. YEMA YM-915

When it comes to the design, it’s designed to be aerodynamic, making it a fantastic choice for anyone who races their ATV. It also has a cutting-edge ventilation system that prevents excessive perspiration and makes wearing the helmet considerably more pleasant.

When it came to wearing this helmet, the sizing guide that was included. Many manufacturers virtually force you to guess which size is best for you, but you can see a full instruction before you buy this that shows you exactly how to measure your head and which size is best for you. There’s also enough for a Bluetooth headset and a pair of protective safety glasses. As a result, the product’s use and safety are enhanced.

3. O’Neal SRS Warhawk Helmet

You will obtain anything made of polycarbonate/ABS with this O’Neal product. Many helmets are made of one of these materials, but this combination gives you the best of both. ABS has excellent impact resistance, whilst PC has excellent heat resistance as well as additional impact resistance. As a consequence, you’ll have a helmet that satisfies the greatest safety standards and will keep you safe in the event of a crash.

This ATV helmet is also meant to be comfy, which is a huge plus. There are a variety of sizes available, ranging from X-Small to XX-Large, so you’re sure to find one that fits your head. You’ll receive a snug fit that doesn’t slide around or slip off your head if you choose the proper size. It’s also meant to be incredibly breathable, so you won’t get too hot wearing it for lengthy periods of time. This also prevents it from smelling like sweat after a few uses!

The graphics are one-of-a-kind, and they only add to the helmet’s charm. You may feel safe and secure while still sporting a helmet that is far more stylish than most others

4. AHR DOT Full Face MX Helmet

It’s built of high-quality ASB materials for a light feel while still giving plenty of safety and protection. In fact, it passes the DOT-approved safety standard, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be fully covered in the event of an accident.

Another advantage of the ASB shell is that it makes the helmet extremely comfortable to wear. You don’t feel like you’ve got a bunch of extra weight pressing down on your head, and the soft liner adds to that. It is well-padded, and the ventilation system allows for adequate air movement to keep you from feeling suffocated. It also has washable ear pads that can be taken out and washed. As a result, you’ll be able to keep the helmet cleaner as you use it!

It’s ideal for outdoor use and will provide you with the necessary protection if something strikes your head or your head strikes something. The only minor disadvantage is that only three sizes are available: Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The maker provides detailed measuring instructions, however some people may have difficulty finding a size that fits them.

5. 1Storm HF801

The 1Storm adult helmet, which is suitable for BMX, ATV, dirt bikes, and motocross, provides excellent protection as well as a variety of other features. As a DOT-approved helmet, you can be confident that the 1Storm HF801 MX helmet will provide excellent protection on and off the track. The HF801’s interior is substantially padded, which helps to improve the amount of protection while also making for a more comfortable ride. Most riders believe the 1Storm HF801 to be substantially more comfortable than other similar models.

The dual sport 1Storm HF801 outperforms several comparable helmets on the market with 11 ventilation vents distributed around the helmet. Riders can adjust the four back vents, two front vents, and five front vents for complete control over exhaust and air intake.

The 1Storm HF801 is made for adults and comes in six sizes ranging from XS to XXL. This results in a better fit, more comfort, and more stability. The 1Storm HF801 is one of the most popular adult MX helmets on the market, with over 10 color options, a UV protection finish, and replaceable liner and padding.

6. Typhoon Helmets Dual Sport Helmet

This product from Typhoon is the final on the list, but there’s a lot to enjoy about it. It has a revolutionary new ventilation system with an inside channeling system that keeps you cool while you’re riding about. When riding around in the winter or using an ATV snow plow, the interior helps insulate against the cold, making it the ideal all-weather solution.

The shell has been meticulously tailored to fit your head without causing any unnecessary helmet lift. As a result, anytime you use it, you obtain optimum comfort. It’s also constructed of ASB, which is a lightweight substance. You also get a face shield to give you even more protection. Because the glass is scratch-resistant and distortion-free, your line of sight will never be jeopardized.

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