5 Best Yamaha ATVs and UTVs : The Complete List (2023)

The wide range of vehicles models Yamaha offers makes it a unique product for a special customer; Yamaha vehicles are innovatively designed to meet the expectations of unique customers.

Its design enables it to adjust to the challenging characteristics of any environment and makes its driver fully enjoy the magic of this experience. Since the focal and prior point is the customer, the company pays attention to all the slightest details and works hard to offer cars with the latest technologies to make the driving experience relaxing and exciting at the same time.

ATV and UTV side by side models of 2021 provide the latest technology to feel comfortable, confidence and capable of using the vehicle as your best partner.

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Yamaha side by side ATVs:

A model that makes you best enjoy the outdoor experience since it combines power with enjoyment.

Thanks to its unique design and its adaptability to successfully defy the trail provocations, riders of Kodiak ATVs and the Viking sideXside become fearless to get their job done under the harshest conditions. Their hilly design and revolutionary generator help the roaders significantly achieve any assignment given to them. With decades of history behind its ATVs, for most applications, from chores to trails, Yamaha has established a complete range of ATVs.

One of the best-selling models in the category and multiple podiums finishes in off-road racing are available in the Raptor series of sports ATVs. The Grizzly and Kodiak models, with trims for chores or trails or both, are well-rounded and customizable.

Yamaha ATVs have been a portion of our off-road texture since they to begin with debuted within the United States with the 1980 Tri-Moto three-wheeler. After advancing its three-wheel line-up, Yamaha came to showcase with its first four-wheeled ATV within the 1985 model year – the Yamaha YFM200 Moto-4 – the primary of all the Yamaha ATVs to come with a viable turn around gear. With the discharge of the Yamaha Banshee within the 1987 demonstrate year, Yamaha advertised the industries to begin with high-performance, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 350cc, 2-stroke motor – the biggest two-stroke motor ever in an ATV.

Yamaha ATVs

Other benchmarks of Yamaha ATVs incorporate the 1987 Warrior (to begin with electric begin Wear ATV), 1987 TerraPro (to begin with ATV with Control Take Off capabilities), 1989 Professional Hauler (to begin with ATV with a cargo bed), 1999 Beartracker (to begin with Yamaha ATV built within the U.S.), 1991 660R Raptor (at the time the biggest motor ever in a Wear ATV), 2002 Grizzly 660 (to begin with thrust button front differential bolt include), 2004 YFZ450 (best power-to-weight proportion of any ATV ever), and 2007 Grizzly 700 EPS (to begin with ATV with electronic control controlling).

Adding to Yamaha ATVs, the Yamaha brand extended to incorporate UTVs. The Yamaha Rhino made a difference to the sport-recreation UTV section and was a significant victory for the brand for a decade and driven the way for the Yamaha Viking, Yamaha Wolverine, and Yamaha YXZ1000R models.


The slightest expensive Yamaha ATVs are moreover the littlest, beginning at $2,199 with kid-friendly forms of the Raptor, YFZ, and Grizzly. Raptor models run from $3,099 to $9,399, whereas they begin at $9,199 for YFZ models. Costs begin at $6,199 for the Kodiak and Grizzly utility ATVs and go up to $10,999 sometime recently any more alternatives or bundles are included. Within the Viking arrangement, Yamaha utility side-by-sides have beginning costs between $11,999 and $15,699. Recreational UTVs from Wolverine begin at $14,499 and have a $25,299 top-end. There is a floor of $18,999 for the execution arranged YXZ models, and their beginning costs go up to $21,799.

Yamaha sport UTV rumours:


Shocking, Industry-First Three-Cylinder Engine Designed to bring an Immaculate Don riding character like nothing else within the side-by-side world, the YXZ1000R SS SE motor was built to deliver high-revving control with the adaptability and character that an inline triple can give. With a compact, offset, DOHC cylinder head, a 11.3:1 compression proportion and dry-sump grease, the YXZ1000R SS SE motor offers uncommon control, an exciting 10,500 rpm redline, and high-strength internals prepared to handle high-output requests.

Top 5 Yamaha UTVs for 2021


There are so numerous RZR models from Polaris, and all of them are appealing. In any case, on the off chance that we had to choose one, we would of course go with the lead show.

The Master comes stacked with a 925cc turbo-powered twin barrel motor. It presently pumps out 181 drive and is nourished through fuel infusion. Polaris keeps refining their Genuine On-Demand All-Wheel Drive framework and the Master has their most recent Separated Xtreme Execution adaptation that works ideally with the control characteristics of the engine.

The Extreme bundle gives you fox 2.5 Live valve stuns with 2.0 dynamic suspension that self-adjusts the valving by the microsecond as you drive, adjusting to your fashion and the landscape. On the off chance that you have never utilized this sort of suspension, you will not need to go back. Typically, effortlessly the finest RZR we have driven, and the interior is sublimely comfortable. The ROPS and 6-point tackle make it more secure as well, meaning this can be a victor for sure.


Going at the side Yamaha’s notoriety for toughness is their capacity to go anyplace. Yamaha makes machines that are perfect for genuine investigation, and the modern Wolverine RMAX could be a machine we are exceptionally excited about for 2021.

These machines perform powerfully and look modern, with a 999cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine and double throttle body fuel infusion. Interestingly, the engine runs out through Yamaha’s incredible Ultramatic V-belt transmission. Fox QS-3 stuns handle suspension. The XT-R bundle comes with a Caution winch, and 30-inch Maxxis Carnivore tires.

The drive mode framework is truly cool, with Wear, Path and Creep modes, and the Wolverine comes with Yamaha’s Experience Master system built in with GPS and more. On the off chance that you are drawn to places no one else can go, typically the machine for you.


Honda brings over the Fox Live Valve suspension framework from the 4-seater to the 2-up for 2021. The Claw could be a super fun machine to drive and may be a machine we are very affectionate of. It is exceptionally Honda; they do not do things the same way the other producers do.

The greatest thing you will discover is the DCT dual-Clutch transmission, which we are colossal fans of. You will drive it using programmed or manual mode and this gives you astounding alternatives for how you handle the territory.

And motor braking is almost as great because it gets. The Honda runs a 999cc Parallel twin engine the Honda live vale framework is, in our supposition, one of if not the most excellent of the dynamic suspension frameworks going much obliged, in portion, to the Bosch controller, Fox stuns and Honda designing. 


The Can-Am Guard line has been one of the leading utility/recreation machines out there. For those searching for a genuine work machine, the 2021 Protector Professional Constrained is a perfect match.

For starters, how about the six-foot, power-dumping cargo bed with extra capacity underneath? Think of all the stuff you will be able fit within the bed? But as they say, hold up, there is more. The Constrained bundle includes a full cab with a premium roof, glass front and raise windshield, wiper kit, 7.6-inch advanced show with keypad and a warming and air-conditioning framework, so your comfortable interior the machine regardless of the climate conditions. Include within the normal Shield highlights like a 976cc Rotax V-twin, Pro-Torq Transmission, and the XT front bumper with winch. This is often a machine holding up to urge something done.


All you would like to do is take a ride in this modern ZForce 950 to see how noteworthy it is. Other than looking totally distinctive than anything else on the path, this machine may be a parcel of fun to drive.

It includes a 963cc engine with a Bosch start and fuel injection framework. It runs through a CVTech-IBC belt drive and comes with a modern Don Mode that increments increasing speed execution after you take off. It comes with a horn and turn signals coordinate into the machine as well as a 3,500lb winch, mirrors, and a roof. The finest portion is the esteem. It comes with a lower cost tag than much of the competition and a 5-year guarantee.

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