Yamaha Viking vs Honda Pioneer: UTV Comparison

As a planned UTV proprietor, we know that you likely need a machine that’s strong, dependable, and built with straightforward however shrewdly technology. You’re not searching for contraptions or frills. If anything, you’re seeking out for a machine that can assist you get your errands completed on the end of the week, with an included Sunday journey on the trails. With so numerous UTVs on the advertise, how do you discover the correct one? Is there one out there that can fulfill your needs whereas working on negligible chimes and shrieks? It’s troublesome to compare all the diverse brands and offerings when highlights and determinations are scattered all over the net.

Two fundamental UTV options—the Yamaha Viking and the Pioneer Mule—each have their claim steadfast taking after. Having a difficult time choosing which UTV to undertake? Keep perusing for our in-depth comparison of the Yamaha Viking vs Honda Pioneer.

Yamaha Viking vs. Honda Pioneer Overview

The Utility Landscape Vehicle (too known as a UTV or side-by-side) was brought to showcase to reply the require for a common-sense, multi-terrain vehicle that might handle the potential for numerous travellers. They are greatly popular with those who ought to perform work around their farm or rustic property, but moreover give sufficient capacity space and legroom for a casual drive when the work is over.

Honda Pioneer

Honda to begin with presented its form of the side-by-side in 2009. Just like the Yamaha Viking, the Honda Pioneer is made by a set up Japanese producer. This guarantees that their items are reliable, reasonable, and simple to move between work and play.

Stylishly, the Honda Pioneer encompasses a comparative see to the Can-Am Guard.

Yamaha Viking

Yamaha (one of numerous well-known Japanese fabricates) discharged its to begin with UTV show in 2004. After about twenty a long time of UTV plan and advancement, Yamaha has extended its side-by-side models into the don category (YXZ Arrangement), the entertainment category (Yamaha Wolverine Arrangement), and the utility category. The fundamental distinction between the amusement category and the utility category (the Yamaha Viking vs. Yamaha Wolverine) is measure and capacity to handle passengers/terrain. The Yamaha Viking could be a tried-and-true utility demonstrate that’s prepared to work.

Feature Comparison

Whereas both companies offer secure, reliable UTV plans, each brand has unmistakable offerings. To this audit, most specs are in reference to the mid-size Pioneer 700 vs. the Yamaha Viking EPS. Uncommon version models will be famous for instruction.


Both UTVs come in a wide run of sizes. We’ll break down the fluctuation within the size of a couple of choices underneath:

Pioneer Rec/Utility Models 

  • Pioneer 500 – the top-selling entry-level model
  • Pioneer 520
  • Pioneer 700
  • Pioneer 700-4
  • Pioneer 1000 – six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission

Pioneer Special Edition Models

  • Pioneer 1000 Special Edition – i-4WD included
  • Pioneer 100-5 Special Edition – i-4WD included

Yamaha Viking Three-Passenger Models 

  • Viking EPS
  • Viking EPS Ranch Edition

Yamaha Viking Six-Passenger Models

  • Viking VI EPS Engine


Most Honda Pioneer models run with a class-leading liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke motor. Concurring to Honda, typically the same compact barrel head found in their motocross bicycles.

Additionally, the standard 2021 Yamaha Viking contains a modern era 686cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, 4-valve fuel-injected motor. The single-cylinder motor comes about in a tried-and-true work vehicle that exceeds expectations at lower speeds.

Vehicle Suspension

The suspension of a UTV is an imperative portion to consider, as the consolation and ease of drive can make a gigantic distinction in your work and recreational encounter. Both the Honda Pioneer and Yamaha Viking list a double autonomous double-wishbone suspension, which implies superior soundness and taking care of execution. Both exceed expectations in this regard, so you ought to not have to be stress almost taking travellers over challenging landscape.


Both the Honda Pioneer and the Yamaha Viking have discretionary extras to customize the see and work of the vehicle. These embellishments can be included to your buy or customized at an afterward date.

Honda Pioneer

Individual Honda accessories are available as add-ons to your Pioneer purchase:

Windscreens Bed extenders and accessories Fabric entryways and roofs Hard entryways and roofs Light enhancements Winches

Yamaha Viking

You may buy extra extras for your Yamaha Viking:

A collapsing windshield Heavy-duty front brush watch – Highlight brush guard A fixed raise window Overhead sound framework


With a UTV guarantee, the producer ensures a client will supplant or repair imperfect parts inside a certain time outline. While all Honda vehicles come with a 1-Year Constrained Guarantee, clients may buy an extra four a long time of scope with the HondaCare Assurance Plan.

An unused 2021 Yamaha Viking comes with a 6-Month Constrained Manufacturing Plant Guarantee and the industries to begin with 10-Year Belt Guarantee. With the 10-Year Belt Guarantee, Yamaha has all Ultramatic programmed transmission builds for ten a long time.

Pros vs. Cons

For a speedy breakdown of the Honda Pioneer 700 vs Yamaha Viking, we’ve compiled a few fast aces and cons:

Honda Pioneer During the seek for the proper UTV, note the stars and cons of the Honda Pioneer. Pros: Can spend less than $10k HondaCare Assurance Arrange Available Trail-ready

Cons: Limited customizability with essential models Limited traveller space Depending on the show, as it were 8.5-10.5 inches of ground clearance– less than other UTVs on the market Can be troublesome to move.

Yamaha Viking During the search for the correct UTV, note the stars and cons of the Yamaha Viking: Pros: Comfort – stunned, comfortable seats Electric control directing on all EPS models Utility side-by-side meets smooth recreational design

Cons: Single-cylinder engine Thin-plastic outside inclined to defects A common Yamaha Viking audit notes strongly vibrations due to speed limiter.

Which UTV Is Right for You?

If you’re searching for a calm machine with electric control directing, any show from the Yamaha Viking EPS line would meet your needs. Its smooth construct and smooth suspension work make it an awesome crossover recreational vehicle.

The Viking EPS Farm Version is one of the leading double-row UTVs on the showcase, giving plentiful leg space for additional riders while getting the work tired. rundown, Yamaha Viking audits are regularly exceptionally positive. If it’s calm productivity simply need, the Honda Pioneer is your choice.

Most models were built particularly to fit interior of a truck bed, which permits you to effectively transport your modern UTV to the trailhead. Whereas they are not as fast to discharge the most up to date highlights or contribute to progressions as their competition, Honda vehicles are known to final, with the suitable sum of upkeep.

Both UTVs are reliable Japanese vehicles with awesome track records and a steadfast taking after.

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